Pump Season In Full Swing

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Looks like the pumps coming from the Korean exchanges are intensifying. I was expecting a big one at the beginning of December, based on the previous patterns I observed so far. Alas, the past is not a very good predictor of the future, as we may see from what's happening right now.

HIVE pumped hard today, stopping a little over $1.3, and exchanging hands at the moment of writing for around $1.05.

What's interesting is that this pump happened while the rest of the market was deep in red. Someone used their stash to load up now.

Also, what's interesting is that we didn't see the same volumes we've seen 10 days ago, at the November 4-5th pump. All this pump happened on barely $200 millions ($188 to be more precise, at the moment of writing). This says the market is extremely thin. Every movement (whether it's upwards or downwards) will have deeper ripples.

What's left to be seen is if HIVE will hold $1. In my humble opinion, this will be a clear indicator that HIVE entered a bull phase. If not, it will be just another up and down. Or pump and dump, to use the correct wording.

Of course, this is not trading advice, do your own research before investing in crypto currencies.

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Thanks to our Korean friends we may see some fireworks in the coming days

I don't know how much friendship is between us, but these Koreans have made a passion for HIVE.

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Let's see how this plays out, I'm not holding my breath for the coming days. Maybe weeks / months.

The volumes was half of billion a few hours ago. Expect to read posts like "you'll never see HIVE under $1" pretty soon.

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Thanks for your input looking at Hive noticed the pump action, thought it may be partially from recent Hive Fest. Wait and see if this holds, will be interesting!

This was different from the last three pump and dumps. In all of those the token from our old chain also moved fast. This time, HIVE moved by itself.

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Yeap, interesting indeed.

Sweet. Seems pretty clear to me that we are entering a bullish phase now. About time given SPL etc etc. Fundamentals matters (eventually).

I look forward to the days when Hive will stabilize over a dollar.

I believe Hive will still undergo correction. After the correction. We will now see if it will still be in 1 dollar or less than one dollar.

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I also noticed the whole market in deep red except Hive. What will be the impact of bull run to HBD?

HBD is supposed to be stable.

Hmm. Holy shit I switched to HBD yesterday. What strategy should I adopt?

No idea, sorry.

It's OK. I suggest Wait will be the only way.

Wait for Hive to return to lower than you bought your HBD and then buy back more Hive. That's my plan. Rinse and repeat for all these pumps.

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Do you think that the rate will come back so soon?

I am no trader or Technical analysis guru but I believe the quicker it raises the quicker it falls. Having said that I do believe that each pump cements the floor a little higher for Hive.

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I got. Means we may see price again at $1 to $1.2 ..

That sounds about right to me. But I could be very wrong.

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But what about SBD?
sbd to $7 is also stable coin.