I did a lot when it first came out. Like all things, time becomes an issue. There is so much being developed these days, it is hard to not be involved in everything. The new app CTP is working on is going to be something else to eat up hours of the day.

I still havent dedicated a minute to @leoglossary today. Been busy with Listnerds and the testing of Threads on Leofinance.

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I'm a LN freshman and started using it only two months ago, probably that's why I didn't see any of your mails. Time is always an issue and not enough but sometimes I find myself with "free hours" to spend but really don't know what to do or where to start, I guess I need to set some goals or a purpose, my life just goes on, I take every day as it comes without any plans at all, almost. LN changed me a bit, at least now I know that every 3 days I have to write something more meaningful than the usual Actifit and every day I'm reading mails and interacting with cool people 500% more than ever before.
I have a Spk node, 2 Ragnarok nodes, since yesterday battling with a Hive-Engine node...but still, something is missing... I know I have a place on Hive but it just feels that I didn't find my "best" or productive place on Hive. Sorry, had a couple of beers, don't need you to be my shrink but usually, you can hit the nail on the head without hesitation, drop me a few ideas on how I could be more useful in this ecosystem.

Tomorrow you will have #Threads from Leofinance. Then you can put together all the Twitter like threads you want and engage with people there.

You do spell out a lot of things that Hive is offering. And that is what is so powerful.

There are many choices for each of us.

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Yeah, can't wait for the launch of #Threads and the SPK token on Monday as well! CHEERS!

#hreads went live, to the point of killing the infrastructure on Leofinance.

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Yeah, too many people jumped on it. I'll do my threading in the morning, my morning, when everybody else is asleep.

Leothreads appreciates it!

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