Hive: Web 3.0 Social Media Epicenter

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Hive is really starting to shape up. As I ponder some of the developments taking place, we can see a foundation forming. Elon Musk asked where Web 3.0 is; he need look no further than Hive.

It is true that, at this moment, the offerings are still a bit sparse. However, that is likely to expand over the next few months. To me, this has Hive in the lead in terms of social media applications which will be available by the end of the year.

The other day we discussed an application being worked on that will bring increased content discovery to Hive along with possibly providing value to evergreen content. This is just another application that will stimulate engagement while giving content creators more options.

We can see how this last part is vital. Hive is laying the foundation for some powerful marketing tools that individuals can access. Since all are (or will) be tokenized, it is a Web 3.0 experience.



Social Media Transformation

When we think of the term social media, what comes to mind?

Basically we can sum it up as:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • TikTok

There might be some others but that appears to cover the spectrum.

If we look closers, we can see long form content, microblogging, video creation, "communities" and quick videos. That is the essence of social media, also known as Web 2.0.

Hive is really starting to take this on. We are going to have to take some liberties with our presumptions regarding development but let us suppose the applications we discussed are out in the next few months. We will have much of the spectrum covered.

Here is what the offerings from Hive will look like at that time:

  • Blogging through number front ends
  • Microblogging
  • Video Creation (3Speak)
  • Communities
  • Email Marketing (Listnerds)

These are tools that content creators can not only tap into but get rewarded for utilizing.

Marketing Content

If we take the approach as Hive is providing people with services to market their content, we can see a new framework forming.

Perhaps it is easiest to follow the path one could take.

A content creator writes an article using one of the Hive front ends. This is long form. Maybe it is specific to a particular tribe so that community is utilized.

Now our Hive marketing expert takes the article and sends it out on Listnerds. This opt in email program allows it to be sent to over 1,500. Some of those are people who are active on Hive and actually click through to the article. A bit of engagement ensues from there.

Of course, one is remiss if not sending the content out on the microblogging platform. So the link with a short note is posted. Now we have three ways readers can come across the article, all on Hive.

The next step might be to make a video pertaining to the content in the article, with that being linked in that post. We are up to 4 ways the article can be found.

What is also interesting is that we already created three different links to the same article without any spamming or raiding people's comment sections with one's own links.

It is vital to mention one of the major benefits to this process. All of it takes place out of the same account. With Web 3.0, we are not looking at different accounts for each application.

One Hive accounts handles it all.

Enormous Traffic

Just think of the traffic that the abovementioned social media companies get. While we are not going to presume that Hive will match it, what we can say is the process just laid out will multiply things.

For example, how many people post something on Medium or Substack, then tweet it as well as putting it on Facebook? There is also a large percentage who do the same with their YouTube videos.

They are supporting 3 or 4 different platforms in this process but it gets the job done. With Hive, it not only is one account, the list of followers is the same. There is no need to build 3 or 4 different followings.

Here we are seeing a radical change. Of course, any new applications or front ends that come out in the future will be the same. After all, the database on Hive is decentralized, open for anyone to tap into.

This means that, with each new application added, the user experience only increases. The starting over, even if a new mega app hits the market, is removed. YouTubers are starting from scratch on TikTok. If this was Hive-based, one simply log into the new app and all the followers are there.

Rewarded Along The Way

Content creation and marketing is usually done with a purpose. In the end, there is an action that the individual wants people to take. Usually that is to buy something or send in money. After all, this is what marketing in the commercial world is all about.

Things take on a different meaning with Web 3.0. While some might still have products or services to promote, the simple fact of taking marketing actions can be rewarded.

Going back to our path laid out, the article can receive upvotes carrying base layer coins along with Layer 2 tokens. So the person can earn some Hive Power and community tokens.

After that, the individual can send out an email, earning the LISTNERD token. Of course, using microblogging has the potential to get a couple tokens.

Finally, make the video and the process starts all over again.

People often pay to have marketing done for them. Now, all can be paid to market their own stuff.

That is the value of a reward system that keeps building layers. It is also one of the things that makes Hive so powerful. We often talk about the organic system. No matter how big and strong a tree is, if it is alone in a field, there isn't much to it. A forest, however, that grows organically, offers an alternate scenario. The intertwining of the different components means they are all linked. In short, the sum is greater than the sum of the parts.

We see this forming with Hive social media. While nothing is coming close to even the second or third tier social media apps, we can see how the totality of what is being designed carries enormous power.

What was described here does not exist on Web 2.0. It is a fractured, siloed system meant to benefit the companies controlling them.

It should be evident as the offerings on Hive start to fill in, the value is growing exponentially since all applications leverage against each other.

For all the talk in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, where else is something like this forming?

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The pattern you've described with web3 and how you've placed Hive at the epicenter and how it works is amazing, it certainly shows that every party involved isn't limited in how far or how much they can earn, secondly it shows that everyone is a winner irrespective of how small their efforts are.

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Do you think my reasoning with this is off? Or does it make sense?

I think, as more is being revealed to us, the options are only growing for people on Hive. We are recreating the traditional social media apps, at least to a degree, on Hive. Of course, this is only the first step but it is a vital one.

From there, we can keep innovating and expanding.

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Your reasoning is not off, we're even yet to fully understand the capabilities of web3, I think it's overwhelming, yet it's realistic.

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And only the starting point. We are really just duplicating what is out there. This is the first phase of technology: we play copy cat.

Imagine what innovation will lead to next. We cant even imagine it all (although someone is thinking about it).

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If I may dig deep into your reasoning, it seems hive being web 3.0 social media platform becomes the epicenter is meant for peoples of all works of life. And if that is true, it means even the market women in rural areas with smartphone can use the platform. I can't wait to see the vision 2025. Thank you.

People anywhere in the world with an internet connection can engage. Of course, there is more with the decentralized database, account ownership, and tokenization.

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Sure, you are right. Thumps up.

Web 3.0 will bring many benefits to all the followers of social networks, especially here at #Hive we are simply the epicenter of all the changes that will occur in the near future.

Web 3.0 we can’t deny is a novel area when it comes to another iteration of the internet. However, as the innovation is in its cradle stage a decentralized blockchain platform such as Hive is more or less a canvas or blueprint of what Web 3.0 is really about. It’s such an amazing user experience when one can use different front ends just to access an account , synergy of the highest order!

Very true. We still are highly dependent upon the developers since we require a lot of infrastructure. That said, we do see some things falling into place.

The release of #threads on Leofinance is a big step forward. Now to just scale it.

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Yeah right ! We really can’t wait for projectblank to start ..

While the number of apps available to use isn't quite there, Hive has the foundation for Web3 social.

Web3 is about personal ownership and for that to occur, you need a truly decentralised base layer to build dApps on top of.

In my opinion we already have the best Web3 blogging platform in our very own LeoFinance and with the introduction of Threads, we will also have the best short form solution.

I would continue to encourage anyone with an interest in the shift to Web3, to create a Hive account and to get involved.

This is just the beginning!

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Yeah we are still shy in the applications department. HAF should help with that, make it easier for developers.

It is all starting to come together.

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Hive is really so good and engaging in regard to the social platforms I have been on. It even recognises the small accounts or beginners to have something to say. Thank you for the post.

The cool thing is there are a lot more tools coming out. As developers roll out more applications and updates, there is going to be a lot of change taking place.

Fun times ahead.

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The entire business model is changing. You can just look at how the cable news networks are right now after Youtube happened. As of right now, the people with the most success tends to be the people who can market their content and get the attention of the user base. So in a way, Hive is in a great position to be a part of it.

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Valid point. We are seeing a lot of industries change in terms of technology. Look at cable versus the Internet, all the cord cutting. Kinda of goes to your point but expands it a bit.

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When I talk about Web3/blockchain (social audio/podcasts/video/social posts) it is with a very narrow focus geared towards content creators. I am encouraging creators to consider the blockchain as another content destination. In the same way they once upon a time added Instagram, or Pinterest, or TikTok as part of their overall content workflow.

I seem to be making inroads with this model. It's slow and steady awareness and understanding. One I think is realistic which encourages informed onboarding.

The more of us who are out there sharing our personal experiences the better. What I like about your post and the Primer @shadowspub has created or what @dreemsteem is doing with DreemPort is how varied and different the info is presented. Hopefully, one will resonate with newbies and encourage them to give Web3 a try.

We all know this is a long game proposition. Yet, if we are going to be creating content anyway, why not include blockchain into the mix? The possibility of micro-monetization exists on day one. Which is a far cry from traditional social media platforms which require creators to qualify and apply for partner/creator program consideration.

The reality is we have everything we need to get started right here and right now.

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It is an entirely new model and will take time for people to adopt. There is so much left to do. We still lack a lot of infrastructure. Those involved truly are trailblazers.

As things expand, more will join. The marketing will get easier over time.

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Hive: I believing on hive 100% and that will be one of important things on my future life. Use Hive and blog with Hive will be create our future day. I believe like that.

Without a doubt. There is no reason not to fully commit to Hive in my opinion. What is being built here is really amazing.

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Listnerds has been a really great tool. I'd like to thank you for putting it on my radar all those months ago. I am now sitting in the top 5 of Listnerds holders. It has really increased the engagement on my posts. I see that the Speak Token is finally going to launch next week. Just another awesome thing coming to fruition on Hive!

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Yep. We are stepping forward.

And you are welcome for the 411 on Listnerds. Now you are getting the 411 on Threads.

I have a feeling you are going to love it.

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To me, this has Hive in the lead in terms of social media applications which will be available by the end of the year.

That's great and to me this is exciting!

Oh! I love microblogging and email marketing via ListNerds!

Now our Hive marketing expert takes the article and sends it out on Listnerds.

Oh! I am curious what will be the impact of this on both Hive and ListNerds!

Summing it up for my future notes: several ways for content discovery (email marketing, microblogging, front-end, and video) and receiving multiple tokens as incentives for publishing a post. This is great!



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That is all the ways to market an article.

There is another application being built that will help with content discovery.

So there are a lot of things coming together.

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Got it. So app for content discovery is another thing.

I had heard about Listnerds but had not taken the time to dig deeper into it, but your explanation above explains the advantage it has to the hive ecosystem where many people on the email list can have access to many posts as long as they are subscribed to the email list!

I really need to check Listnerds to understand more how it works.

Thanks for explaining how long-form content can be transmitted to a big number of people through the process you have mentioned.

I wish someone(marketeer) can implement the strategy you have explained in this post and we see how far it can go.

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We each are our own marketers. That is how using the different applications/social media on #hive can enhance the content we are creating.

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Hive really is well placed here to lead the (alternative) way. What might propel that forward is another "Splinterlands" type product that uses Hive could tip the balance.

Thanks for sharing on ListNerds.

Gaming certainly is going to be a big feature on Hive. However, this article is focused upon the social media/marketing aspect of things.

Listnerds is another piece to the marketing puzzle. It all is starting to come together.

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Yes, I wasn't referring to another big game, but a big product or use-case that could bring massive growth. I love your vision and how you are piecing it all together. Thanks!

Well I am just observing. It is the project teams that are bringing out the applications which are filling niches.

Looking at things from a marketing perspective, we see a great array of tools for people to utilize starting to develop. We are basically covering much of the social media spectrum and that is exciting.

What is the real benefit is that we are not looking at something siloed. That is a big advantage to content creators.

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First mail I see on Listnerds from @taskmaster4450, I hope a lot more to come. How did you enjoy this experience so far?

Voted on ListNerds!

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I did a lot when it first came out. Like all things, time becomes an issue. There is so much being developed these days, it is hard to not be involved in everything. The new app CTP is working on is going to be something else to eat up hours of the day.

I still havent dedicated a minute to @leoglossary today. Been busy with Listnerds and the testing of Threads on Leofinance.

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I'm a LN freshman and started using it only two months ago, probably that's why I didn't see any of your mails. Time is always an issue and not enough but sometimes I find myself with "free hours" to spend but really don't know what to do or where to start, I guess I need to set some goals or a purpose, my life just goes on, I take every day as it comes without any plans at all, almost. LN changed me a bit, at least now I know that every 3 days I have to write something more meaningful than the usual Actifit and every day I'm reading mails and interacting with cool people 500% more than ever before.
I have a Spk node, 2 Ragnarok nodes, since yesterday battling with a Hive-Engine node...but still, something is missing... I know I have a place on Hive but it just feels that I didn't find my "best" or productive place on Hive. Sorry, had a couple of beers, don't need you to be my shrink but usually, you can hit the nail on the head without hesitation, drop me a few ideas on how I could be more useful in this ecosystem.

Tomorrow you will have #Threads from Leofinance. Then you can put together all the Twitter like threads you want and engage with people there.

You do spell out a lot of things that Hive is offering. And that is what is so powerful.

There are many choices for each of us.

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Yeah, can't wait for the launch of #Threads and the SPK token on Monday as well! CHEERS!

#hreads went live, to the point of killing the infrastructure on Leofinance.

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Yeah, too many people jumped on it. I'll do my threading in the morning, my morning, when everybody else is asleep.

Leothreads appreciates it!

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It will be a good one if Hive grows to that enormous point where we may even have something like log in with Hive. In the same vein, connecting contents that are relatively similar will provide an easy access to wealth of information.

Elon Musk asked where Web 3.0 is; he need look no further than Hive.

Yes... But I think he is still not looking in that direction yet!

log in with Hive

I wrote about this in the past and agree completely. It is a great way for IT admin to not have to mess with account management.

But I think he is still not looking in that direction yet!

Doesnt even know it exists nor is he concerned about it. We simply have to keep developing and then walk into the world and say "look at all we got".

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Yes, we should just keep exploting the goodies in Hive and someday somehow the necessary people will know what this chain is made of..!

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Wow, great information. I did not realize that the Hive was in the middle of it all.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Just look at what is out there and see how much of it is already on the market.

This time tomorrow, if I had to guess, Threads will be live. After that, it is the countdown to the first update.

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Can't say I disagree with much really. My main concern is being advertised enough to get people to come to the non-legacy platforms, such as LeoFinance. Since the DAU count is somewhere around the 1000 unique wallet addresses, the size of the potential audience is really small compared to the legacy platforms. Marketing the right way, promoting the uncensorable use cases, could be incredibly lucrative if done correctly.

Facebook didn't take over online advertising with Google overnight, it happened over years, until there was very little competition left.

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Hive is pure fire!