ECOBANK Token Presale - LIVE!

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Hello and Welcome to ECOBANK!

We are putting together a land-backed crypto project. We have already bought the land, and I know you want to put some of your crypto gains into something physical, something real - like exotic real estate! This is the original idea behind a 'land-backed' token project. I want to thank all of the people who have encouraged me to go ahead with this idea - now is the time to get involved.

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The way in which you can get involved is by helping us take the next step: We want to take our well-placed 25 acres and add some resort/hotel infrastructure. This is to seek regional development as well as immediate cash flow. We have plenty of ideas for growth, including member meetups, but we need infrastructure to house and organize the people and the fun.

We could say - Buy our token to support us! We are doing the Lord's work just send your money! This is a membership token and members will get to help shape the future of the resort/hotel project! Members will also get nice discounts on visits as well as referral commissions for sending us business. I hope to set up some of this tracking within the #CTP tribe.

But we want to actually make token buyers into legal investors, helping to define the future of token projects backed by physical assets perhaps not only in Colombia. And we want to share, though governance, in any operational profits in the enterprise. We also hope that members will consider reinvesting into more good ideas to do on and around the land that we have destined for this project.

After doing more research and meeting with an advisor, I must state that we were recommended strongly to not allow American investors in the presale because the SEC could take action against us, because we are sharing profits and because there might not be any profits this means we are putting at risk non-accredited Americans, who should just be investing in Index ETF funds to stay safe. If we find out in the future that any Americans have slipped through our meticulous screening we reserve the right to withhold any profit distribution into the reinvestment fund of the project.

Token sale possibilities

The token presale has begun! Its really more of a soft-launch - It will end when 125,000 tokens are sold, or February 28 if 100,000 tokens have been sold. At the end of the presale, all tokens will be distributed and hive-engine market trading will open.

Stable sale

Upon consideration, we are offering 3 types of stable coin - HBD, SWAP.HBD and SWAP.BUSD. I have been getting the accounts set up for the new company, its a complicated process because the local platform that let's us easily convert between Colombian Pesos and Crypto does not accept US people either, so I have had to train a local agent to help me manage this token sale.

For the time being we can accept HBD and the hive-engine stables, and hopefully within one week USDC wallet will be ready and tested. This HBD (or hive-engine stables) you can send to @ecobanker account with the memo ECOBANK presale, and you will be recorded in the presale at a faithful market rate of $1.10 per token.

Sale for HIVE or LTC, pending

HIVE and LTC must be determined by the pricing of these tokens at the time of my choosing. I have mandala all set up for the ECOBANK company, where we will be able to convert directly to stables for these tokens. For the time being, we are going to delay this launch for at least a week, as we prefer the stables and want to gauge the interest in the project.

For planning LTC and also for HIVE sales of significant size, it is recommended that you get in touch with me on Discord and we coordinate your interest in the presale.

Remember the following basic details from this post:

Platform: Hive-Engine
Initial emission: 250,000
Presale value: $1.10
Minimum sold in Presale to launch: 100,000
Maximum available in Presale: 125,000 (50%)
Accepted currencies during presale: HBD, SWAP.HBD, SWAP.BUSD, USDC, LTC (pending), HIVE (pending)

We have also reevaluated some start up costs and our estimate for minimum token sale has risen to 100,000 tokens. While not a strict limit, it would likely be a stretch to launch with less than this amount sold. Our plan is to build out 7 spaces right away and develop the internal paths between them, to begin seeking operating cash flow right away this year.

After the presale is concluded the tokens will be distributed.

So there is some time before hive-engine trading will begin. I can guarantee that if there are any left over tokens we will not sell them for $1.10 ever again. We will let the market decide the trading price and likely let the members decide at what price the new tokens can be listed, if at all.

If a significant portion of the tokens remain unsold, it is possible we will need to sell them at a slightly higher price to furnish the resort buildings.

Issuing more tokens.

We will not be voting on issuing more tokens until the construction of the first buildings is complete. There is some design review and analysis phase as well, we are meeting with the architect this week to strike a final deal.


Send HBD, SWAP.HBD or SWAP.BUSD to @ecobanker starting now!

Ask any questions, I am available!

Freedom and Friendship!


So just for clarity, American investors will not be eligible for their share of profit sharing?

I have been recommended to hope that we never find out that any Americans have slipped through our screening process. But if we did ever find out then we reserve the right to not distribute profit if any to that account, but instead reserve that amount for the reinvestment fund.

Awesome! Let's make it happen!

I believe this is going to be an incredible project and I'm very excited to take part in it!

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Oh this is so cool and exciting! Nice project bro, love it! Will defo be getting some!

I remember reading your plans regarding this project and now it's coming to life. Great job! I will make sure to buy some tokens and are very curious to see how this evolves. Quite the hassle though regarding American investors with the SEC. Good luck with the project and I will be sending some funds when I have them available!

Sounds really interesting...what is the timeline for the completion of the project? Also what kind of returns can investors expect?

From funding to building we hope to complete in 3 months or less. Returns are at best speculative at this point, no promises but we do have the land backing the token and with the buildings it should be worth more.

An off-chain project, that's really interesting. I have a little doubt, is it a land investment or an investment in the tourism sector?

I think its a bit of both, but I view the land as the main backing.

I bought 1 token so far cause I only have enough for that.

Received, thank you for the support!

This idea is really awesome I appreciate it and keep up the good work.

we were recommended strongly to not allow American investors in the presale

How does the SEC define "American"? I've got some HBD looking for a good home.


They would like to define it as "if you have ever thought about America, even in your dreams, then our regulations apply to you" but that might be overreach.

Lol. They've made overreach their business.

I have a question before deciding how much to send. What are the tiers again? I just want it as a point of reference.

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Getting ready to grab some, just so I know with HBD having dropped some are you operating off the peg of HBD or the current price?

Accepting HBD at its 1 dollar peg!

Awesome, thanks for the info sir! !PIZZA

This is interesting Land-Based Tokens. Although new tokens make me nervous. When Cub Token came out it was selling for about $5 a token, and some big stakers received their Cub by airdrops.
For those that purchased Cub at the $5 token price have taken substantial losses as I think now it trades at around 40 cents a token.
I hope you guys have much better luck.

I hope so too. One thing that makes me confident this can't happen, is we have assets, currently land, backing our token. If anyone wants to sell me their $1.10 cent token for less, I will gladly buy it.

This is because once we build the hotel, I bet the asset backed value is at least $2.

Also, there are no large scale airdrops here, everyone that has some will have been putting in their own cash. So that vector has probably been eliminated. There will be a small airdrop from my personal tokens to INCOME holders, but I will stand ready to buy those back since, as I truly believe, our assets are worth more than that.

Good observation though, and one we should all make for every new token project before buying.

Kicking myself so hard now... Bought $HIVE at near $1.7 to get ready for this pre-sale. Should have converted it HBD there and then I would have got my 250 ECOBANK that I was aiming for.

Oh well: Win some, lose some. ;-)

P.S. Just need to accumulate a few more $HIVE and I'll have enough to convert to 200HBD at least... We'll be chatting again in a day or 3 ;-)

high-5 Alex... so glad to see this project come to life!


Keep on moving! Great project! Best regards.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 89 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Amazing idea, will watch this closely to see what happens. Crypto and real estate are the best investments capitalizing on both digital and real worlds!

@cryptocharmers What you think about this? Pretty interesting.

Why do you think there is SEC consideration preventing American investors?

The SEC regulates securities. I assume since the solicitation for investors includes US investors, the security would need to be registered with the SEC. However, I don't think the SEC has jurisdiction in other countries, so maybe the company/people offering the security are US Based.

I wish you the best, Sadly, I cannot support you as I live in the US.

I cannot believe this! Here I am, looking for interesting projects to put my HIVE into, and I haven't even known about this one. (Though I remember looking at a couple of these posts, but somehow I failed to make the connection.) A real-life, land-based project, focused on ecological and economical development. Of course I want to come on board!!!

Now my biggest concern is: Is the pre-sale still on? Are there enough tokens left to become a full member? (Which should be 100, though I'm thinking about putting in ten times that much, if possible.) Fortunately I've just powered down a bunch of HIVE, specifically for something like this.

Now, I'm going to read all of your other posts on the @ecobanker blog, much more carefully this time. So far I haven't seen one that announces the end of the pre-sale, so I'm still hopeful.

Definitely a cool project I must really say. Nice to hear it out