Wen Games? Wen Hardfork? Wen Loans? Wen Blank? WEN!

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Wen though?

There are a LOT of developments going on in and around the Hive ecosystem.

I don't usually ask 'wen' like the rest of the common-folk, but when I do I'm impatient as hell! I think the real reason might be simply because the market is scraping the bottom hard and I want a reason to believe that number will go back up again before dipping even lower. Probably.


  • Ragnarok
    For me this one is pretty highly anticipated. A CCG that also employs strategy from both chess and poker? Pretty weird. But I'll likely be selected as an alpha tester. That should keep my mind off number go down! Wen?

  • Splinterlands
    Lots of upgrades coming down the pipe for this one. Definitely need to stack up more SPS while it's still dirt cheap. Big transitions are coming that should make the game and its code exponentially more decentralized. The conversations I had with Matt about this were pretty exciting stuff. Wen?


  • dCity/Rising-Star/HivePunks?
    Marky announced this airdrop between punks and dCity. Went to the site and saw there is also this 'Douglas' card for sale as well in Rising Star (never played). Nice to see that Punks is making connections and pushing forward utility use-cases. Wen?

  • PsyberX
    I don't play first-person shooters because my shoulder injury doesn't really allow me to make those quick precise movements like that. There's lot's of skepticism around this project, but who cares? Let's add it to the list. Wen?

Hive Hardfork 26

Arguably this will be Hive's biggest hardfork in terms of value and utility. Hive Application Framework greatly smooths the transition to running super efficient smart contracts onto the second layer. RC delegations are absolutely required to scale up and prevent Sybil attack and delegation farming. Of course both HAF and RC delegations don't even require a hardfork... which leaves a basket full of other upgrades that I don't even know about.

One of these upgrades is the ability for Hive to make the head-block irreversible explicitly instead of waiting 15 blocks for implicit immutability. Doesn't sound like much, but it's huge for user experience in terms of instant gratification, and it's huge for dapps that require blocks to be immutable (will decrease lag from 45 seconds to 3 seconds).

I can't even remember all the other stuff that's coming into play.
Doesn't really matter though, this is still a lot.

LEO ecosystem

  • Polycub
    Wen collateralized vault loans?
    Wen governance?
    Wen bonds?
  • Project Blank
    Doesn't even have a name.
    Should probably wait another year before asking wen.
    Wen though?
  • CUB
    Wen IDO?
    Wen porting polycub code to upgrade CUB?


Hive is making connections to Bitcoin through the Lightning Network and Ethereum through Metamask. Being on an island is hard. We lack the infrastructure of the big boys. However, once we can open lines of communication and value to the top chains (and associated EVM chains) Hive will gain quite a bit of utility. Wen?


We're all watching the grass grow. There's a ton of projects being developed on Hive concurrently. It always takes longer than the estimates, but a lot of these things are going to get launched all at the same time. Hopefully we'll get to ride a nice wave after waiting 'patiently'. Wen?

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On Hive currently projects are growing, building and improving during this tough bear market.. Meanwhile in other spaces things are completely falling apart!

I'll choose slow steady growth over flash success and crash and burn!

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Good answer. We should all borrow some of your patience.

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Wen will they bring back the 'h'?



jannet yellen


oh not that jerome.


Project blank will be delivered this year. Khal has indirectly confirmed that. Great that you mentioned ragnaroknft, I still have some tokens to claim.

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Hahahaha, please go claim them :)

Ha Ha thanks for the reminder. Where can I sell mine?

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At some point these wens start to really lose their hype value and I feel pretty much ALL of them have. The only really promising one for myself is Splinterlands here for this year. The others don't even sound like they will be released this year and further delayed. Progress is seriously dragging and that's not a good thing as momentum is also a critical part to a successful project.

I feel you. It’s only good for a while and then it’s nice to know but it does do much for price or morale after a while.

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I am at the brink of giving up on dcity.

It was a beautiful ride.

I will love to see the hard fork come to live.

Delegating RC is one of the things I look forward to.

At least for the newbies.

I guess I have to understand the way the SPS tokens work before I test them.

I have a few staked tho.

Now imagine what happens if all of the above roll out during a bull market. BOOM

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I don't usually ask 'wen' like the rest of the common-folk

Pfftt, foolish mortals. Time means nothing when you are at deity status I guess :)

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Collateralized vault loans could really be useful right about now.

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True, with market scraping the bottom, leverage would be nice.

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Thanks Ed for compiling the list of great wens. So much stuff is happening in the background. Can't wait to see grass growing taller and taller with each passing day!

What excites you the most of all these wens?

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Like the weeds in my green space outside my property. The Wens have a life of their own.

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Great to see that development on Hive blockchain is going on despite the crypto winter. Will make us stronger than before I think. 💪🏻

I find it a little troubling that blocktrades hasn’t realized his weekly post. I anticipated the next post to include the hardfork date, but I wonder if they found a bug. Or they want to push it back 1 week, but they realize half the dev team plans to take vacation around that time and before you know it, we are talking late August.

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Allow me to add to the list:

  • wen VexPolycub
  • wen sps on Binance
  • wen HBD on binance
  • wen Hive on coinbase

All nice, all good!

wen wen wen wen wen

And if you test alpha, I want to know what happens! I want detailed posts from you about it! Remember that! :D

The WEN IDO really made me laugh... I forgot we had a 2nd and 3rd one coming sometime in mid to late 2021.


It's all in the wrist.

Why did you say this twice?

No idea. I think I was too excited and had premature clickalation

That explains why the floor is sticky. Thanks.

Dang thought i wiped it away already


It's all in the wrist.

Why did you say this twice?

Great post and I love the comments 👀

I am exposed to all of these projects in one way or the other. WEN? is the constant question in my mind. I hope the voice will get silenced by some of these projects finally coming to life.

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Wen Edicted token.

Nice list.
You hit all my Wens and then some. I completely forgot about that Cubfinance IDO that was waiting to launch after PolyCub! Wen?

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