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RE: SEED Holdings Report #26 - regaining momentum, big presale & some thoughts

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Little hint (planning to write a post about this for a long time already): OWLDOA (they are anon, but just look at the project...and the staking incl APR). Maybe some of HBD can go into OWL for 60+% APR in stables, are close to 100% in OWL tokens? Cant say this one is without risks, but still :)

Great, the whole launching thing is starting again. Over at TenseT they are selling the last subscription. When the ticker is at 10k, no more available. Discussions are ongoing to offer the option to NFT the subscription with them. Interesting take by the team. The idea: subscriptions to play their launchpad become tradable. Without the NFT, subscriptions are bound to the wallet.

HBD to play money for the launchpad: I say, do it! It's nice to have some stables in stock, but the markets look to be bullish again, so why not take advantage of that? Earnings for the launch projects can be converted back to stables or stable like tokens again. Now its time again to take some more risks again :)


do you read my mind or what's wrong with you?

haha I was thinking exactly that. Relaxing for a bit with our HBD position & start playing more aggresively.

mind control 😂 😂 😂