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RE: #Piratesunday; 2013 Canada 20 Dollar 300th Anniversary of Louisbourg

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What an awesome addition to your stack! It's really special and the detailing is great. I like edge engraving, and this one has a nice done edge. Thanks for sharing sis, and enjoy your new found booty! Arrr!😎👍🌸💜


A great design of which I was wondering what ship Mr. Horton was inspired by. Anyway, I have yet to see the original artwork by Horton and I cannot find it anywhere. According to one article is was a sketch.
Sketch of the Ketch. I can't even find the out which local museum has it on display.

Oh well. Another question I wound ask Mr. Horton is if he had any say on the added Edge lettering? So I'd predict he may say no. And it was a decision by the Mint master.

One day, I'll sign up for one of his seminars.

Thanks for Commenting @elizabethbit

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Going to one of his seminars would be interesting for sure! Take care sis!💜🤗🌻