SEED Holdings report #19 - Extended review of all assets

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay on this report, this weekend has been family weekend and frankly, I haven't been able to sit and concentrate enough to post properly with kids and other family members running around. For today, I decided to make a more detailed explanation of all SEED managed assets and how are they related between them,

DAO Maker & The Presales Goldmine

From an overall standpoint, we keep rocking in a solid & steady way:

  • Presales from DAO Maker keep flowing in. This week alone I grouped like 5 TGE's (''Token Generation Events'', or when a funded token gets listed on markets), all the sales account for 3000$ or so, recovering 100% of the money needed to participate in those presales. The remaining tokens will be unlocked in due time, as you're already used to.

Each color stripe represents a different project, and below you can see the days remaining until the next release. DAO as a business is escalating pretty quickly & nicely. All of these represent all of our LOCKED VALUE.

In approx 60 days, a bigger share of funds will become available, and our Liquid value will start growing a lot (diversifying risks & giving me more space to buy stable coins/allocating into other pools... (all of this while the main DAO keep working).


We also have 2 presales 'ongoing', which means we're waiting for lottery results and allocation (if we win).


  • On the LIQUID VALUE, we have mainly our 50K DAO, which recently started giving us staking rewards (or 'Venture Yield' rewards, as they call them. We can get those DAO's if we 'really' need them. But 99,9% of these DAO's will keep untouched for now.

We're receiving 8 DAO's/daily, which might not seem like a lot, but we're talking about 1110$/month which is a salary in a lot of places. This comes on top of the presales in which we're managing to participate.


A Look at our 'Safe Value':


  • The core of our SEED Safe Value is composed of 22.600 HBD on Savings (did you notice that increase in the APR up to 12%?). This serves as a reliable buffer of security & liquidity.

The main thing with the HBD which I'm depositing there isn't the profitability, it's the security. And as something reliable, acts as an anchor for our portfolio. Expect this position to keep increasing in size as time passes.

  • In a distant second place, we already collected 1300 Hive Power from curation & posting rewards. We have a big delegation of 70K HIVE coming from one of our Private Investors which represents a big boost in HIVE rewards.

This delegation is not guaranteed in time, which means that if he needs the money, he will pull out. So it better to take profit while it lasts. However, I have a long-term vision for HIVE, and does he, so hopefully, my fellow investor will keep the delegation in place for many months to come.


  • We also managed to collect a few HE tokens. We keep accumulating the LEO, BEE, POB which lands onto our hands (& delegating to ventures like brofi or hodlcommunity to automate curation/staking rewards). Key is to create a win-win Hive-Engine environment for everyone.

Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) or the future of Defi

Our last category is our Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) which is the part of the portfolio (always more than 5% but less than 10%) in charge of creating a robust inflow of passive income to pay for 2 things:

  • Buyback & Burn plan (50%)
  • Management admin fees (50%)

Currently, we only own a decent position on the CUB-BUSD pool providing a 100% APR approx. This is an excellent pool in terms of security/ profitability since half is a stablecoin and you get a triple digit APR.

I'll keep providing on that one and rotate & diversify accordingly.
All the profits are being allocated to the CUB kingdom. Which at the time of writing accounts for 3750 CUB's or 1500$ accumulated in the last month.

These CUB's will be exchanged for Hive at the end of the month and half will be transferred to me (@empoderat) and the other half will be used to set up a buy limit order on the SEED orderbook.

**However, I may delay this event a bit, as I have had a couple of ideas about it that may be more beneficial to everyone. **

Whatever the case, the pools week working & compounding, as we like it.

There's more Pools...

Going back into our 'Liquid Value', I've also started accumulating into another pool thing recently; a BTCB-ORN pool:


BTC is a coin that will also serve as an anchor later on, and you might know that I've fallen in love with the Orion vision, so... this pool is a no-brainer for me (with a +35% APR), which is pretty decent. I'll keep accumulating gradually (among with CUB/BUSD and HBD).

How does it all look together?

Now yes, time for the typical colored charts:


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 100.000 tokens (full released)

AUM Value (All assets): 344.000$

SEED TOTAL Value: 344000/100000 = 3,44$ /SEED (+344% since the beginning).

344/5 = 68,98% MoM profit

Another slight fall for this week, not in a hurry.


Happy Holidays to all!

Hope you all enjoyed the report for this week, I'm also taking advantage to wish everyone a happy Christmas period with your loved ones. Be good and of that :)

I would also like to inform you in advance that next week we will probably not have a report since a few busy family weeks are coming and I don't want to get my fingers caught like it happened this last weekend.

No worries, all the data is being collected anyway for the sheets and I won't stop monitoring everything. So you can still reach me through telegram if needed to ask something.

Regarding the Buyback & Burn program, I'll try to drop a new proposal in the next few days with a few core changes. I still need to wrap my head around a couple of details.

That's all for today. Enjoy!

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.
Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter.


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Next post

then 'gay rug next post' pls grumpy trumpy, don't be that mysterious

Good to see some elaboration on the usual "gay" just be careful you don't sprain your fingers if your write more than two words :)))))))

This is not fair, you've combined the two :)

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rug me baby

Just another example of how projects on Hive can be extremely profitable.

I love the concept of adding to the HBD savings position as an anchor. That said, a 12% return is nothing to sneeze at. In the "real world", money managers would be climbing over each other to get into that. Plus it is very low risk.

This is something that is going to be a major winner over the next few years.

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Build on top of HIVE has been one of the decisions which I'm most grateful for this year :)

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At some point the rest of the world will figure that out too. For now, we just operate under the radar for a spell.

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Be good

Sorry but I'm very naughty and mischievous, Santa only gives me shitcoins because of that :)))

The post was serious in purpose, the real fun is in the comments ;)

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What would we do without you?

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Ahm... is that a compliment, madam?

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The sweetest one possible!

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Seems more like a buttering up.

My experience is when I get things like that, check my wallet.

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Looks like you've been mingling with the wrong ones then.

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GM fren, have a nice time with your family!

The 12% thing is random IMO, some witnesses increase it without asking somebody. IMO nothing that should happen. Sure 12% is nice, but what if it increases to a point it becomes unsustainable? Also what if it randomly decreases and hurts the value of HBD?

But for sure, for now it is really nice :)

How will it advance to the point it is unsustainable?

What level is that? Have you run some numbers to figure that out?

I have and 35% is more than sustainable.

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depending on the amount in savings + demand + timeframe + market swings.

A fixed number doesn't work IMO.

The problem with HBD is, it is a solid stablecoin. It's not backed by a promise, it's backed by hive.

So we should be careful. Also, the interest is given without adding value in exchange.

12% for liquidity provider hive/HBD would be a good thing.

IMO we are in a testing area.

Luna did the same with a Luna backed stable coin. I would prefer to watch first what happens there ( after a market crash) before we start crazy things here.

It's a very new way for a stable coin, so we should be careful to build the best version and not the fastest.

In terms of printing, If we want to print more HBD faster ( i not recommend),

We could airdrop over 12 months HBD to hivepower stakeholder. So the total amount increase. Because the % would depend on Hive power, everyone should have after the airdrop the same % in total.

But that would be IMO a super risky play, also the rates need to be calculated super smart.


Nope, it has been discussed before as far as I remember.

The problem now for HBD is the debt limit at 10%, I hope witnesses increase it up to 30% on the next HF (although 20% would be nice).

HBD in savings are almost negligible on the whole blockchain. I would like to see this 12% being increased up to 20% (or more) and start printing HBD.

More than ever, HBD is the 'killer app' of HIVE.

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Happy holidays empo!

Saaaame for you gadrian!

Ps. hablamos el mismo idioma?

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Ps. hablamos el mismo idioma?

I don't speak Spanish, so I guess not, unless you speak Romanian. :)

I look forward to your updates as even though you are a dropping the monthly return figure it is still excellent over a period of time. Would be great to have a Seed meetup at some point in a few years or so.

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Thx mr coffee, your messages are always very encouraging.

And yes, sometime along the way we should make a meetup :)

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Huh, in my area $1110/mo is twice above average salary. And I earn less, ROFL.

Wen we rich, sers?!!1

The real fun is in enjoying the path sir.

We'll get there, no worries :)

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Thank you again for the report. It is nice to see how you manage it. I'm learning for example from every new post.

These CUB's will be exchanged for Hive at the end of the month and half will be transferred to me (@empoderat) and the other half will be used to set up a buy limit order on the SEED orderbook.

**However, I may delay this event a bit, as I have had a couple of ideas about it that may be more beneficial to everyone. **

There is a polygon airdrop that will start soon with a release of 60 days, so you might check it, before removing the CUB from the den.

!PIZZA & !BEER for you!

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Khal still has to release the concrete details of the airdrop, but yes, we have +20K CUB on LP's and I pretend to get a fair share of the upcoming polycub airdrop.

Thx for the support Alex!

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I see that the market declines are affecting you little, that shows solidity.
Do you think about buying Hive to take advantage of the airdrops that are about to arrive or is it insignificant for the portfolio?

No plans on that atm, since I have no way to keep expanding (at a faster rate) without sacrificing security, and I prefer to keeps things 'slow paced' in that sense.

Slow money makes money faster. Never buy a coin only for an airdrop.

plus, I assume everyone here holds some HIVE, so no 'real' benefit to get exposure on HIVE (rather than a price appreciation).

On the other hand, we're receiving 15-20 HIVE daily, so I'll just let them come.

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You misspelled your username. :)

Lol just checked it, ty :)

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I bought some Seed last month because I like these updates so it's good to have skin in the game. More for what you are investing in rather than for any financial benefit. It's always a very interesting read.

Glad you find the reading of my updates entertaining :)

Hopefully I'll keep writing them for a long time :)


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I'm so happy to have a small investment in this project. These are things I would probably never get into on my own so it is very satisfying to know I own a small piece of the pie. Enjoy the holidays and as always thank you for all the great work you do! :)

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Small investment is going to grow into a large one over time. We are off to a great start and the likelihood of the same rate continuing is unlikely. That said, we are going to see some outsized returns for a long time.

Compound this sucker over 5-7 years and see where the numbers arrive it. It is truly exciting.

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Glad you find it entertaining!

have a great holidays u too :)

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Enjoy next week off and thanks for the report. It looks like there is a sizable amount in the HBD savings and a lot in the DAOMaker. The Cub buy-backs at the end of the month also make sense.

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I'm probably tweaking plans... ;)

I'll let you know.

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Wow wow wow... Your investment.

I like your way of diversifying your portfolio

It happens... almost in autopilot :)

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