Since most of the volume is from the Koreans, I figure more of the same. This is going to pullback in my opinion.

That said, each leg up gets a few more eyeballs on it and gives more people an idea of the potential.

This is the most valuable aspect of this (outside of trading it).

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I think it will pull right back to the $1 range. The korean markets are notorious for this type of thing. Asian markets are generally big gambles. what i do like about the korean culture is the acceptance of what i ddem will produce a culture of freemium services. Even in their political systems their entire structure is changing to that.

So i do find them more smarter than westerners in the future as we'll have to accept these concepts. However these price pumps even if it went up to $11 or so.. Well where have we seen that before? This doesn't remove the inherent issues with dpos systems. Although i do think they have some advantages that need to be exploited. Unfortunately the latter generally is. So i would'nt get to excited. I won't be surprised if we back in the $1 range early next week.

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History shows that is the tendency so no reason to believe, considering the bulk of the volume comes from there, that this time is any different.

It isnt a sustained run based upon much else outside what is happening on their exchanges.

Different numbers but similar makeup. Odds are we will head lower from here.

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it's dropping like a log now. i think all the way down from like $3.50

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