My Take On The Run Up In HIVE Price

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We have a lot going on. Markets will be markets. For a number of years, especially since the hard fork, many of us were optimistic about the future of Hive.

In this video I discuss why looking to markets for validation of choices is the wrong approach and how this run is nothing more than a stepping stone. Many of us believe there are much higher levels. Thousands of people are actively working on Hive to get the foundation in place to enable for huge success in the future. Whether the market is clued in or not remains to be seen.

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I feel uncomfortable with this quick price rise. I just hope that we can keep our heads together and keep in mind what Hive is trying to build here. Beyond the money.
My hopes are that it will encourage many more developers to join the chain and realise the potential of where things can go organically, outside of these pumps.

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It is a pump which should give confidence to more on here of what the potential it. This is how quickly things can move.

Yes the development is what is going to sustain higher levels. We are not close to that point yet. It will come.

We all just have to keep on doing our part and moving things forward.

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It's not an easy task to separate out "fair value" from excessive exuberance. How much is just another P&D from Korea, and how much is "real?"

One of the things that IS interesting here is that Hive made it up to $1.80 on quite low volume, and there was almost no serious sell pressure to give that a haircut. Then the volume suddenly went nuts. From were I am sitting, the actual "pump" didn't start until around maybe $1.60 or so.

Markets ARE insane, I agree entirely. I am more interested in looking at Hive and what we have here, and then looking at the development timeline and curve of Ethereum... and then the price ratio between the two. Is ETH (adjusting for number of tokens in circulation) 500x more valuable than Hive? Is BNB (after a similar adjustment) 200x more valuable than Hive?

I don't know... but those are the kinds of comparisons I find more telling than market price.


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I am more interested in looking at Hive and what we have here, and then looking at the development timeline and curve of Ethereum... and then the price ratio between the two.

Very interesting viewpoint. This is something that I discussed with the guys on Community Token Talk which will be out in the next day or so. Be sure to give it a listen. We issue some price predictions and used what you are describing as the basis for my model.

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I shall definitely make a point of listening in. Thanks for the heads-up!


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Hive has a lot of development projects compared to some other tokens. This really is something we've been waiting for

That is true yet I would not say this is development related. Instead, this is a classic pump. Hence, we can expect a pullback, which we already saw from the highs.

Nevertheless, this is not the last time we see the $3 level. I am very confident of that.

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I do not have wide knowledge of hive before, however, seeing it on binance app and that the way it is growing amazed me, am back to blogging, back to doing what I love which is story writing

Keep building in the good times and the bad.

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I've been waiting for this, we need the context to figure out what in the hell is going on. Just hit $3.00 and the feeling is, this is just the beginning, with much more to come! What do you think?

Since most of the volume is from the Koreans, I figure more of the same. This is going to pullback in my opinion.

That said, each leg up gets a few more eyeballs on it and gives more people an idea of the potential.

This is the most valuable aspect of this (outside of trading it).

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I think it will pull right back to the $1 range. The korean markets are notorious for this type of thing. Asian markets are generally big gambles. what i do like about the korean culture is the acceptance of what i ddem will produce a culture of freemium services. Even in their political systems their entire structure is changing to that.

So i do find them more smarter than westerners in the future as we'll have to accept these concepts. However these price pumps even if it went up to $11 or so.. Well where have we seen that before? This doesn't remove the inherent issues with dpos systems. Although i do think they have some advantages that need to be exploited. Unfortunately the latter generally is. So i would'nt get to excited. I won't be surprised if we back in the $1 range early next week.

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History shows that is the tendency so no reason to believe, considering the bulk of the volume comes from there, that this time is any different.

It isnt a sustained run based upon much else outside what is happening on their exchanges.

Different numbers but similar makeup. Odds are we will head lower from here.

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it's dropping like a log now. i think all the way down from like $3.50

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One day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is a marathon not a sprint. We’ll get there.

Without a doubt. There is still a lot more to come.

The next 6-9 months are going to make a huge difference. We are looking at a great deal more development starting to roll out.

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We're at $3.04 as I'm watching this only a couple hours after it dropped. 😁

It will likely bounce around. Might even head down. Who knows.

The bottom line is people got a taste. This is going to trigger more believers.

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Believe is what the people need! Hahaha more followers on Hive. You gat to see #hive topping Binance gainers list....Eyes on hive everywhere lol

Price action does draw attention. But it is short lived. As soon as the price heads down, people dump which only accelerates it.

The key would be to convert the buyers to users, something that doesnt happen too often.

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Yeah. I saw it as high as $3.29 and now it's back down to $3. I !LUV these rides, though. Even if it is a P&D instead of a legit market recognition it's always fun to watch the show.

Having said that, there really are so many reasons to want to get one's hands on some Hive right now there could be more legitimacy to it than that. I don't think I can really remember a pump and dump coinciding with a legit market adjustment before. If it is a dump ($2.98 now) it seems like this one has more potential to be cushioned by said legitimacy than anything else that comes to mind. !LOL but now it's $2.94 so I guess we're about to find out.

It is down to $2.60 now. This is going to head much lower it seems. That is what pump and dumps do. The Koreans were able to mastermind a big one.

Nevertheless, it got the juices flowing and hopefully renewed interest in Hive.

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Yeah, there's a lot of buzz right now, and I think the community is getting vetted enough to take them in stride. The pitfalls of the crypto space are part of what make it so much fun to be here.

It's like standing next to a cartoon geyser and watching people ride it up as if it isn't gonna shut off. 🤣

I don't know exactly why, but this came to mind...

It's back over $2.40, !LOL

In all the excitement I forgot to notice that HBD is holding fairly well. Gives me a warm fuzzy... or maybe it's the booze, but none the less, it feels like a season of celebration!

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Super HIGH Volume from KRW again. I'm curious if they are buying in for vouchers on Splinterlands or preparing for it. They do love their gaming and being that Splinterlands is about to launch Chaos packs with double vouchers soon Dec 8th and Jan 8th should be full open curious if they are preparing for it or what's up. Biggest issue I have again is lack of liquidity lol

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You might be right but I am not sure about that one. To me, I think this is a classic pump. They were able to move it up on high volume.

We will see if it holds. Either way, if there is a pullback, we likely see a much higher floor than before.

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We might go to 3 bucks.😂

Seems like this run is never going to end. Wonder where all the money is coming from?

Korea for the most part.

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I wonder how far it will go but it was an amazing pump ($3). So I decided to get my credits ready for Chaos legion (free from VOUCHERS airdrop) and I am fully ready to get my 500+ packs for zero cost.

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Thanks for the insight!
The pump really strengthens my trust in the ecosystems and hive in general.

My take on the Hive run...


Or this might shed a little light on things.

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I'm probably way off, though. Just my 2 cents. 😁