Low risk bottom buying.

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Hello everyone,

I do more reading and voting than posting. Well, I make comments when you grab my attention, but other that that, I only tend to post when I make a move. I am not bottom fishing full throttle today, just changing the amount of one asset I hold.

I have been holding out on buying the dip, waiting for this thirty two to thirty five thousand bitcoin range to choose a direction. As I wrote in my last post, I am seeing indicators that the crypto market is set to fly as more countries head into complete collapse. There is no doubt that I will buy, but choosing the time and token is the question.


Choosing to buy using crypto or USDT is another big consideration. Exposing myself to a gateway with cash is a third option, but I rarely take that road.

I have been drooling over several old positions that will certainly buy soon, lowering my cost averages, thus increasing my profits. I need to wait until the valley is defined. Tether will be the way to enter those positions when I am ready.

Today, I am starting small. I call it low risk because I am spending a small amount. I am doubling down on the position I already have while it is one twentieth of where I bought the bulk of it.

Library Credits (LBC) are going for two and a half cents each right now.
They are down due to the entire market having fallen and also because they are under attack from the SEC, ie; blood in the streets level. Of all the coins that I am watching to get into, LBC is where I am starting.

Entry: $0.18, high $0.30, rebuy, $0.024

The platform is doing well. They still have a node type app (Lbry), which is a wallet. They recently rebranded to Odysee for people on browsers and rolled out live streaming. They are growing and all the videos on the blockchain play very well. If I want to save a video, I need only copy the link to my node and play it - it will always be there and serve that video forever.

I am about half done with my buying for today. Here are some of the buys I made along with historical buys from this past April.


I am not concerned about LBC dipping. I am mostly concerned about doubling my stake in it to lower my cost average. The tech is solid.

If you are planning to grab some, be aware that the company is exposed and may likely be hammered by the Feds. They are asking people to help save all crypto if you want to sign a petition to stop the SEC from classifying all crypto as "Securities". This is a problem for Odysee (lbry), but crypto does not need saving.

One of the main benefits of crypto is that the government has no one point of failure to attack. If Satoshi had opened a company and a website, we would not be HODLing today. The mistake that many companies make is that they want to have an office address and a CEO - then they learn these other lessons the hard way.

Never trust your rulers, especially when you compete with their coinage.

Videos on Odysee can never be deleted or taken down, but having this one flaw in their infrastructure makes the company vulnerable. I am fully prepared to hold LBC through the storm and see if the blockchain will survive Uncle Sam's hammer, please do not follow me into this token if you cannot stand to lose.

Another tip: Hold your own keys so you don't look like a nail.

When they banned liquor, it went underground. I hope they ban Bitcoin. People will just want it all the more.

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It is a good time to buy a lot of projects. Things could go lower... but how much?

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That is the question. I just finished buying and pulling my LBC out. If it goes to one penny, I will be buying twice as much as I did today. That is how I do things. I also have Hive, Leo and POB on my list but I have to be really strategic about when I use up my Tether reserves.

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I bought Hive ,BTC ,BAT (brave browser fan) & MANA.

I have one thing against BAT. You can earn it but they will not let you withdraw your earnings unless you reveal your identity. I turned off rewards when I learned that. Love the Brave browser though.
I actually found the bottom on LBC - it never dropped below my buy price. I am heading toward doubling my money on the last two trades that I posted by the way.

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Not cool at all. I’ve largely speculated on it through exchanges. I will check out LBC👍

I didn’t realize this myself. It’s a total deal breaker for me!

The mistake that many companies make is that they want to have an office address and a CEO - then they learn these other lessons the hard way.

True. That's the thing with Binance as well, although it does not have a headquarter. I believe that when we'll get to the point of crypto being accepted world wide as a currency such crackdowns will become obsolete. No one would need to put any cash in or withdraw it to and from an exchange. We'll simply use the damn coins. Crypto is not a company, it doesn't need CEOs, headquarters and so on. We will get there to.

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When they banned liquor, it went underground. I hope they ban Bitcoin. People will just want it all the more.

I love this. The crypto ban in my country caused a wildfire. No one loves the Government. Whatever the Government hates brings intrigue.

Their petition against SEC will make them popular and eventually bring a lot of intruige. It's going to be even better when it gains a lot more attraction.

I think LBC is an investment worth looking into for anyone needing to Hodl long term.

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I guess the SEC will always be a consideration for people who wants to buy into LBC but then, a good project can't stay down for a long time, not to even talk of forever. I think you have good strategy, deep down i believe December might be exciting for Crypto and this might just the the opportunities to buy the dip at some of the projects around, but then there's the issue of choosing rightly like you pointed out. We hope to lose just a little and gain more anyways, it's an investor drive at all time of I'm not wrong.

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Just Hodl as I think we are in the beginning of the journey and whatever bitcoin or altcoins still have much to do in the future

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Very true about crypto and alcohol as the more it is banned or regulated the more demand there will be. I can't wait for the no FUD and everything is finally accepted day to come around as this is tiresome playing these stupid games. Still it gives us more chances to accumulate more which is a plus.

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LBC is looking good actually.. I think I should pick some up also

Buying the dip most time proves to be the best opportunities. Gradually also laying my hands on some tokens that took a little nose dive.

For the government and the sec, the can only try with the attacks but there's no stopping the future of currency.

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Another great write-up! Thanks for the tip and the info, I'm also waiting to buy some assets, but as you say, the question is when.

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I have already done well from Lbry just by posting a couple of times and logging in every day, I sold all the tokens when it was high a while ago and have collected some more since, now I might think about rebuying a few hundred.

I did not apply for earnings on the platform. They wanted facebook, linkedin, github, or twitter accounts. I quit all of those years ago - I just run the Lbry desktop app. You can get 1000 LBC for $24 today and if it goes back to where it was a few months ago, you will have nearly $300
Worth tossing the dice.

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@ezrider am very blessed meeting you here,I wish you can be if help to my growth on hive am interested in your mentorship on my contents and vote,I love your creativity and write-ups,please try to visit my content and see how you can help me grow,God bless you and stay safe

Certainly seems the correction is over. I just think we’ll see more separation in names then we did November - May hyper bull run.

Happy new month friend welcome to August @ezrider

Man @ezrider you are very unique in your own way and your aims and objectives are very clear I love your energy and vibes keep it up because its always good to have future goals like a long time goal and a short time goal

Haven’t gotten to see your posts in a bit. Glad to see you’re still active! I was confused when I heard some of the podcast people I listen to say they were posting their stuff on Odysee but not mentioning Lbry anymore. Makes sense now lol. The coin has recovered and done pretty well since this post so good to see that going on! Bitcoin is down, going to grab a little more at the low price it’s at now.

Keep it up dear friend @ezrider , it is good to do what you know how to do best,and people are been bless by that which you have done do have a wonderful prosperous week hope to see you soon

Hello dear friend @ezrider do have a wonderful day

I hope they survive and make you a millionaire :) Although I sincerely hope that Bitcoin is not banned, I don't want to see it regulated to death either....

When they banned liquor, it went underground. I hope they ban Bitcoin. People will just want it all the more.

I need more of this. Nice post.