My top 10 holdings and future plany

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@revisesociology recently posted his holdings and that reminded me to have a look at how I am set up and what I might change
This pie chart does not reflect the value of my Splinterlands Cards which would dominate a big chunk of my Portfolio so I have just left them out. They are not something I am considering changing as the ROI on them is just too big to let go of anyway.

  • I still like ETH, even with the Gas fees as all the layer2 chains seem to be shaping up nicely. Most of it is also on Celsius as collateral for a loan (at 1%).
  • The Bitcoin I am just holding onto, even if it does not provide as much upside or ROI. I really like the things that are going on in the Lightning network and who knows, maybe the maxis are right...
  • The RFOX I got in early and still really like. It is a metaverse company with a few different ventures up and running. The most known is the KOGS nft game and collection (originally on WAX) It is also stakable and gives a nice return and I expect a decent upside soon. They also announced a cooperation with YGG
  • CEL and NEXO are tokens for the semi-centralized lending platforms which I have been using since 2018.
  • Hive we all know and love and need more of.
  • MANA is the token for Decentraland. A project I am really fond of and I am regretting not buying land when it was still affordable. I am currently staking my MANA on ENTERDAO ( for a nice 40%
  • Rune I have bought some at 0.4, 4.0, 9.0 and now after reading the post from @khaleelkazi and doing some research I loaded up at 8 usd as well. It's going good so far as we have hit 10.5 as I am writing
  • NEO I am the least sure of. I have held it since 2017 and have gotten a nice return as well but I have not really followed the news. I know there is the new version coming out but am out of touch. I need to do my research but am lacking the time a bit.
  • Dough is a token from the PIEDAO which allows you to invest in aggregated/themed tokens. I own some of the PLAY tokens as a metaverse angle.

There is another 12% of my portfolio in other stuff and this is getting too much to handle so I have to cut down on the number of Tokens I own. Especially in the upcoming run-up I expect we will be having any time soon.

I have been taking out some BUSD as well and that is pooled with DEC on CUBFINANCE but it at least gives me some stablecoins. I do intend to grow that part and move it to LUNA/TERRA/ANCHOR.

All I know is that my portfolio is up 15x right now (without the splinterlands cards and NFTs) and this is slowly becoming something that could change my life for the better

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Looks like a very sensible Portfolio to me....

Where do you stake your RFOX? Mine is just sitting on MetaMask.

Not sure I could invest in anything called PieDao!

I was thinking today - i moved some USDC from BSC to stake on Polygon, I think I prefer UST on Anchor, it's somehow just a bit smoother.

The problem with Hive is there's no incentive other than blind loyalty to hold the stuff, not when there's so many better returns elsewhere!

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The Rfox needs to be on BSC though

And I have decided, selling my neo and converting to LUNA... I feel more connected to it somehow.
And Hive is fine for me as is, I do not have nearly as much as you though

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Hmm might be worth me paying for the ETH -BSC transfer Fee, god I hate ETH.

I did PD 12K Hive recently and most of it's on buy orders pending a pump - I can't really see any reason to buy it back TBH!

100K one day maybe, but I'm in no rush to get there!

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