The Shuffling of LEO

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Having been on hive since 2017 I got lucky and was involved in a lot of projects from the beginning. Some stuck, some just faded away.

One of the projects that stuck bigtime is Leofinance.

I had the foresight to buy a bunch of LEO miners in the beginning and these keep spitting out LEO on top of what I earned through writing and staking/investing.
Over the years that added up to roughly 15k LEO.
I had 3500 liquid, 5000 staked, and 6500 in the Cubdefi BLeo-BNB pool.
With the launch of Polycub, I am getting about 688 tokens to convert into Xpolycub. Which is really cool, at current prices this is a 3k USD gift from @khaleelkazi and the @leofinance team (thanks a lot for that)

Screenshot 20220308 at 16.04.03.png

But then I figured I could take the Leo from the Cubdefi Pool and get a bit more APY from the PLeo-WMatic Pool.

(I guess I am not alone there because the APY from the Cub pool has gone up close to 3x to 145%)

So I bridged my Liquid Leo using, then unstaked my Bleo and bridged it as well ending up with about 10k PLEO. This was then matched with some WMatic I bought and is now collecting a sweet 1000% ROI

This will of course come down in the near future the more people do this but it's a lot more than what I was getting on the Cubdefi side.

I guess I am grateful to be on board for the ride.

My Strategy:

Part 1:

  • converting all my Liquid airdrop to XPolycub of course
  • bought an extra 100 Xpolycub to get in early
    These are done to catch the early rise in Polycub vs Xpolycub value and not so much the USD price. I have already cought 10% in a day with this.

The only thing I do not like is that it seems you cannot partly claim locked Polycub. That would be a cool thing to do. I would then keep half locked and sell the other half but it seems it is all or nothing. This would also drive a lot more roi into the vault (I think)

But as it is, the tokenomics are cool and I like that the compounding effect is there for all, not just for whales. The whole setup also gives opportunities to play things differently along your personal taste.
Diamond hand or quick flip, all up to you...

What are you doing?

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It's an interesting one isn't it - I think the trick is to zoom out and look at the whole Cub and LEO ecosystem and try to think what's going to be priced where in a few months time.

Easier said than done of course.

Personally I'm not sold on the idea of staking too much Cub for PolyCub, so I've only done that with around 30% of my drop/ earnings - I'm cashing out most of it for stables, I'll buy back LEO and Cub once they drift back down in May/ June.

I am getting my stables slowly from elsewhere, staking on Terra

Where one gets them from, it's looking like more and more of a good idea to hedge out!

You people are the one that started enjoying this leo early in time. No time is too late. I believe we will get there Soon

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yea, never to late to join

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I believe that

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I keep it very simple.
All in Cub kingdom and xPolycub.
Cruzing on autopilot.

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yea, that sounds about right
I sold most of my DEC and put it in my Cub Kingdom

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I'll stay parked in the WLEO:ETH swap pool I think. Keep getting those LEO LP rewards and not paying a gas fee to withdraw. Definitely missed the boat on LEO miners. Bitter pill.

yea, those miners are the gift that keeps on giving...

That's nearly 1-1. Basically what you have staked in cub, the airdrop match's it. Im getting about 0.12 daily with the polycub worth $4.80, but I think it's bit less now. I also did pleo with matic, that's gained 5% already. I'm going to invest another $15 now but still to decide on adding to xpolycub or cub !

I think you had a nice strategy !

Getting a better yield for you LEO tokens and getting some juicy autopilot xPolycub as @oldtimer mentioned.

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I'm doing pretty much the same, except I didn't buy any extra xpolycub.

I'm adding some CUB to the kingdom to boost my airdrop and then all the polycub from the airdrop is turning into xpolycub

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