Wonderful,this is a very good one and of all one of the best guide to see so far in the community,it is always good to take one time before investing so much in Cryptocurrency this days,even now that their is up and down in terms of Market and price value

Good tips.
I'd add that, in order to become a better investor, it's important to experiment and take some calculated risks. Of course, to your last point, one shouldn't invest more than they can afford to lose (meaning keep enough for living expenses), but investing even a small amount so that you have some "skin in the game" will make you pay more attention to the project, and learn from its failures or successes.

Thanks for dropping by and it is going to see how helpful this will be to the community as a whole too

I completely agree with what you laid out here.
The first point is probably the most important: understand the specific crypto or token your investing in. Being still new to the Hive blockchain, I can only have enough faith in just a couple of tokens at the moment.
Long term... best not to go outside your comfort zone and take any unnecessary risks. Stick to what you have a good knowledge of.
Cheers and !PIZZA

Definitely and to me I sincerely see this as one of the best way to move and get what is need when it comes to investing into Cryptocurrency, just as the normal say ask @leo


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