How to make money blogging, fast

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How to make money blogging, fast

Learn how to use the LeoFinance platform to make money blogging, fast.

Unlike blogging on slow web 2.0 platforms such as Medium, Hive's LeoFinance platform offers a way to make money blogging, fast.

Being built on the Hive blockchain allows LeoFinance bloggers to be directly paid for quality content, in both HIVE and LEO cryptocurrencies.

If you’re looking for a fast way to make money blogging, then here is the solution for you.

Make money blogging fast, using LeoFinance

Want to make fast money from your blog?

Everyone who starts a blog thinks about monetising their content.

But traditionally, making money from blogging is a slow, arduous process that involves feeding readers intrusive ads or affiliate links.

Essentially you had to screw over your loyal readers in order to make money.

Not cool...

But thanks to the innovative rewards pool mechanism used by the Hive blockchain, blogging on LeoFinance offers a better way.

The Hive rewards pool

The Hive rewards pool allows you to not only make money blogging, but also to keep full editorial independence when it comes to your content.

Think of the Hive rewards pool as a way to print and distribute new HIVE tokens.

A portion of the daily inflation built into the blockchain's code is sent to the rewards pool, incentivising bloggers to publish high quality content, across their Hive front-end of choice.

With half of the daily rewards pool payouts split between content creators and curators, it also means that the HIVE token gets widely distributed.

This means that real value is being built in the form of quality content, while the HIVE token becomes more decentralised.

Something that's VERY important when it comes to ensuring you retail full ownership of your Hive account and your LeoFinance blog remains censorship-free.

But back to the rewards pool...

Each time a Hive blog is upvoted, the money doesn't come out of the upvoter's stake, but actually distributes a share of the newly minted tokens inside the rewards pool.

The more HIVE POWER that the upvoter's account has staked, the more say they have in how the rewards pool is distributed.

This means that if you receive an upvote from a large HIVE stakeholder, then you will make more money from your blog.

As curators receive 50% of the daily rewards pool payouts, these large stakeholders are incentivised to discover and upvote quality blog content.

All you’ve gotta do is start publishing it.

The Leo rewards pool

But as the LeoFinance platform is just one of numerous front-ends that your single Hive account can interact with, you will also be paid a portion of the Leo rewards pool too.

The Leo rewards pool works exactly the same way as the Hive rewards pool explained above, but allows the investment community to curate and display content better suited to their niche front-end.

For example, a blog about sport may receive large upvotes from HIVE stakeholders, but as LeoFinance focuses exclusively on finance related content, a lack of upvotes from LEO stakeholders will see it rewarded and displayed differently on

This duel-tiered system of earning HIVE and LEO ensures quality content is correctly displayed, while allowing bloggers to make money in the form of two different cryptocurrencies.

A potentially very lucrative blogging prospect indeed.

Make money fast

Now you know how starting a blog on Hive’s LeoFinance community can make you money, let’s go into how fast you can get paid.

Unlike ad payouts that require a minimum withdrawal or only offer single monthly payouts no matter what, LeoFinance allows you to be paid fast.

This means that if you publish a blog every day, you will receive a rolling daily payout for your content.

All paid directly into your single Hive account which you can stake, send or withdraw immediately.

As I'm sure you're aware, not many other blogging platforms allow you to make money that fast so the Hive blockchain certainly is a powerful beast.

While the payout window for content only lasts for the first 7 days after your hit publish, this doesn’t mean that older content doesn’t retain value.

With so much quality content being published to the domain daily, Google’s algorithm will continue to index your blogs.

This adds further value to the community, while building exposure to your blog at the same time, combining to give large stakeholders a reason to continue supporting your content with larger upvotes.

To be a truly successful blogger on LeoFinance, you must develop a long term brand for your blog by really integrate yourself within the community and publishing evergreen content certainly helps.

Furthermore, by staking a portion of your rewards back into your account, not only will you signal to the community that you’re not just here to leech, but you will also make extra money curating other blogger’s content.

As you grow, so does the platform itself.

That there, is the real value proposition of choosing to blog on LeoFinance.

Start your blog on LeoFinance today

Whether you're currently an established blogger or you're brand new to the online writing scene, everyone is welcome on LeoFinance.

Start blogging right now by hitting the get started button at the top right hand corner of this page, you don’t even need to buy a domain.

This will get you a censorship-resistance, immutable Hive account which you can not only use on LeoFinance, but also on any Hive based application.

But just remember that while there are numerous stories of new bloggers coming to Hive and making thousands of dollars with their first post, it’s actually the long term grinders who make the most money.

First and foremost, LeoFinance is Hive’s trading and investment community so get involved in the comments section of other blogs and stake a portion of the money you earn.

Sure it’s possible to make money fast, but that is the route to long term, sustainable blogging income.

I'll see you around the community :)

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.
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If you're new to LeoFinance, why not leave a comment introducing yourself to the community?

All comments that add something to the discussion will be upvoted, letting you see just how fast you can make money blogging on LeoFinance.

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its surely does help you gain faster money than the average blog, in which you have to make a good content, drives traffic to your blog and waiting for your adsense to be approve.

the only downside is that you have to stay focus and do the best and look at the other high paying post as the goals. most of the time new comers (incuding me) sad to see the post didn't get as much votes as the other gets. But always remember that the post on hive pays money than facebook's post which get huge likes and comment. you get no other just a fake fame. :)

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I just wanted to address what you called a downside, of having to stay focused and only write quality content otherwise it won't be rewarded.

Well, that doesn't seem like a downside to me at all.

You see, the curators you're looking for upvotes from, all have a sizable investment in LEO.

Investments that they want to see the value of, increase.

To achieve this, it's in their best interest to reward only quality, valuable content that will attract more eyeballs.

LeoFinance isn't a charity and rushed, poorly formatted content written in broken English just doesn't have any value.

It's unfortunate that some people sign up to try and make money blogging fast, then get upset when they don't see rewards.

But I guarantee if you're able to consistently write the type of content that's truly valuable, then curators will find and reward it.

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maybe I chose the wrong words for it. :)

Yes I understand from the investment point of view, as most of the big account are really investing big amount of money into the platform and making leofinance as it is now.

As I mention, I am pretty much happy with any rewards I get, because there are many things i get besides the rewards itself, such as new knowledge and trading system and trading tips. : )
Just like I said, having a small rewards are just way better than getting tons of like in facebook.

Oh exactly :)

Unlike on Facebook, upvotes on LeoFinance actually have a monetary value.

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For sure this encourages many bloggers and give morally of hustling every day. I think is the number one in the world for my research, I have never seen a blogger get paid instantly like this. Of course, the future is bright for all bloggers around here.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Another underrated feature of LeoFinance is that it also allows you to make money simply by commenting.

Not everyone is a writer able to produce the type of high-quality content that's truly valuable.

But everyone can get involved in the discussion just like this and have their comments rewarded for doing so.

For example, I've given you a +1 LEO upvote because it added to the conversation.

There's the value you've provided right there and it should be rewarded :)

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For sure this is amazing, people earn just by comment? I feel lucky to be part of this community. thank you for upvote me.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes, people definitely earn just by commenting.

LeoFinance is a community after all and if you're not an English-native blogger then you can help out by sparking discussions in the comments section of other blogs.

Put yourself out there in the comments section and you'll make money :)

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Its a really good guide. I think the only thing missing is probably the dust payments when it comes to HIVE payments. I find that many of the smaller people will face this issue and it takes a while to get use to things.

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Is the minimum payout required to avoid your small rewards turning to dust, at least 2 cents?

Is that minimum the same for both HIVE and LEO rewards?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

There is no minimum payout for LEO as the dust is save. But HIVE is about $0.02 which means the author gets $0.01.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Ah thanks for setting me straight.

I didn't realise there was no dust limit on LEO rewards so that's cool for readers to know.

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Great explanation right there. Newbies need to see this. It should also be put on Twitter and Facebook.

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Thanks Bhosa, I saw you shared the post on Twitter and appreciate your support.

Feel free to share it far and wide on socials and link back to it on any other sites you may be a member of.

Every little bit helps in some way :)

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We need PB also where Twitian can see that there short content can also fetch money.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Just be careful...

People need to manage their expectations around how much money they will actually be able to make on PB.

Just tweeting garbage short-form content full of spelling mistakes doesn't add value and won't make money.

The best way to make money blogging fast, is still to create high-quality, long-form content that will be indexed by Google and bring organic traffic to the domain.

This is one of the number one things that LeoFinance curators look for when trying to reward content.

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Blogging is hard! Churning out long-form content every day for years to get small success is not worth it. Leo Finance is a great place for anyone to start their blogging journey if they like to create Finance & Crypto content. Earn more than 1 token with a single post, how cool is that. 😁

Nice one @forexbrokr. You have covered enough details to explain how rewards work! Publishing content every day gives out daily rewards. And they compound fast! That's why I also try to keep up the pace.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The fact you can compound your rewards by staking them and then using them to also curate, is something I didn't go into as much detail as I could have.

When it comes to making money anywhere, you can never underestimate the power of compounding and LeoFinance makes it easy.

If you don't need to withdraw your money fast, then stake all of your rewards and watch your earnings compound.

Very cool :)

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I like everything you expose here. When I joined HIVE, LeoFinance was one of the front-ends that caught my attention and although I was tempted from the beginning to post here, it was only yesterday that I did it. I hope to continue to do so as I am attracted to this world plus I want to learn about crypto and other things. I have read posts from users of this community that I think are excellent and know very well what they are talking about and that scares me. I don't want to fail. I am a bit limited by English, although I can make use of translators and proofreaders. I'm a little over a month into this blockchain and have been kind of reviewing everything still, but I already feel a bit more on track and in the right direction (I think) and open to suggestions from experts. Pretty easy to understand your post.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

First of all, welcome to LeoFiance!

Even if you're not an expert on finance and crypto-related topics, the community is a great place to learn.

If you read a post that you don't fully understand, leave a comment and ask some questions.

The better blog authors here are always happy to chat and even give you an upvote if your question brings value by sparking a real discussion.

See you around :)

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Thank you for your suggestion. I'm sure you'll see me around asking questions...😃

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I've heard that both Steem and Hive websites are seriously powerful for SEO. It's basically like an SEO hack if you know what you are doing. Maybe we could target these blogger/content marketing folks to onboard them to Hive :)

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If I'm speaking honestly...

When we forked Hive from Steem, the big hitters leading the move, unfortunately didn't give enough consideration to SEO.

The biggest thing Steem has going for it, is the steemit domain.

It's older, it has more content and Google sees it as by far superior to the essentially garbage

Our own domain is even newer again, adding further complication to the matter.

I know Khal is working some technical wizardry on the backend, but the most important thing we can do as a community is to produce quality, well-structured content that the Google algo will pickup.

Even just doing simple things like adding subheadings that feature keywords related to your post topic can have a huge help.

Once we lay the foundation, then we'll start to see content marketers taking advantage.

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Start publishing great content .Make money by selling ads and by selling our products and services in perfect manner..we should make money in marketing, digital marketing, building some different valuable products and brands competitive towards market brands and products. These are some tricks for increase and making money fast in blogging.

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Thanks, I have staked a few hundred LEO and post regularly though am still amazed at how certain posts get such huge payouts compared to the little LEO payouts I get, after two years of regular posting. It's a lot of work and rewards are slow to pick up, so not as fast as you say it is, from my experience.

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Your post was promoted by @jfang003

Thanks again for the share.


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