Lost by the Thousands

in LeoFinance6 months ago

I didn't really want to say much but I remembered when @littlenewthings and myself were approached by our mutual friend who shilled a broker to us that could turn our life savings around.

Well, @littlenewthings was smart enough not to put in too much, but I think she invested on behalf of @craftsofluv, while I put in 50% of my life savings into this broker.

This guy is actually pretty trustworthy, unfortunately his trading bot screwed up.

Together we lost 99.69% (including the broker) with everyone's money.
I barely had much left, but I think @littlenewthings took a huge hit because she was only left with $4 USD in that account...

That is why trading is gambling

Good thing is that this broker is still trying to tweak his program to be efficient, although there was a market crash last Friday again. This time the Stop Loss was functioning while the other time the SL wasn't because the virtual server was reset and everything was gone in an instant.

I am not sure how much @littlenewthings lost but I think she lost around 3 figures, while I lost 5 figures in USD.

She was hoping to make a come back for her mom's surgery. Good thing is that she didn't listen to our mutual friend to put in the surgery money into this broker program to roll back money faster. Smart girl she always has been.

Wisdom of God, she would say. And that is so true

Nevertheless, credit card debts are looming for her (honestly) but she still serve strongly for her God, always trusting that HE will ultimately provide the best of HIS choice.

And for me, well, my retirement days need to be postponed. Good thing is that we still have a day job to go to, while some are retired and lost their savings altogether (because they decided not to withdraw monthly until they recovered their capital)

Right now my most grateful thing other than my God, my day job, is that we have a responsible and stubborn broker who vowed to make back the 99% loss.

Another good thing is that HIVE has a savings account here with 20% APY. That's the icing on the cake!

I hope my loses will eventually re-grow in the next 2 years. That's what he's targeting.



I am so sorry that you lost such a huge chunk. I really thought that you will be withdrawing some every month to make sure your capital is recovered first. 😓

A very expensive lesson learned. 🤨🤨🤨


If it is too good to be true, .. it probably is. 😓

It was a risk. I should have withdrawn some part of my profit to cover my capital as @littlenewthings said, but I trusted my friend too much who said "just keep it there. Will make more" 🤨

It is human nature, .. I should have sold at least half my crypto holdings back in 2021, ... but I was holding out for more, .. and then (well you know where it is now).
hopefully, things will come back for us and @littlenewthings. ...

I totally get you my friend. I am bleeding here too. Thinking this broker will pull through (because it is fiat not crypto) and this fell apart overnight. I got back my first $100 but I lost the rest of it (capital and interest) too. 😥

Actually this site has been paying out for more than a year; but because it was so efficient, people took for granted and thinking that it is a vault (nothing could happened to it), however this is far from the truth. Trading is a form of gambling. It can slip and fall into margin call and we lose everything if not careful.

And this happened to this overly-confident-constantly-stressed broker. His one slip led everyone's funds gone.

However he is planning to rebuild from whatever that's left. Let's see what happens.

Yay! 🤗
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We are sorry to hear this happened to you. We are also surprised our daughter didn't tell us about it.

Sorry to hear this has happened. What a downfall of forex bot subsciptions.

Whatever has happened, has happened.
It is what it is. We just need to be more wise in the future. 🙏