Oh my little dCity is slowly generating income!

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This looks like a promising passive income coming in daily. Not bad. I observe that the token's value is not very high but it is still generating passive income.

I am definitely not complaining, but I am wondering should I add more nature to my collection?

I was thinking of getting more income generating cards; however with my available SWAP.HIVE without extra deposit, I will not be able to get anything that generates income.

I need at least 4.262 SWAP.HIVE to create another eco friendly place

Until I find the art gallery attraction is interesting. It is cheaper than a forest card.


It also increase my city's popularity, but there is no income.

Will just purchasing homes increase my income? @littlenewthings mentioned that people without jobs may not generate income.

I should try.


Oh, unemployed residents in my city will reduce my income. Bad move.

I am however reminded there is a way to set my card aside at marketplace until I have enough to have another card.

Maybe I will do that, and when I get author rewards I can use those to add back in.

Right now content with 7 SIM a day should be sufficient.

I am not in a passive income hurry. πŸ™ƒ


Since I love food I should eye on this card as my next collection. 😌

Fun. Note to self: Let's target that then.


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wow, congratulations for being experimental and also thorough thought through!

Yes, you did the right thing by placing the card in the market place aside with a higher price so that you can just cancel back later when you have enough in your Swap.hive / SIM.

Hope that you will be able to feel more comfortable investing more so that it will be a long term return, because if you ever want to pull out, as long as the game is still running and accepting well, you will be able to get that back anytime. 😁

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