Splinterlands - Share Your Battle - Prismologist Edition!

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Another week, another Share Your Battle Competition! This time around we are battling with the Prismologist. It is one of the cards that I rarely use but when I use it, it always gives us the result that we are after. In this article we will discuss the advantages of this card. Furthermore, we will talk about the additional cards that we will use in battle in order to come out victorious and how our strategy will look like. Last but not least we will take a look at the actual battle itself! With that being said, let’s get started.


First things first, let’s talk about the start of this article! The Prismologist is a epic Life card that has the Ranged attacking style. It costs us 8 mana to play and comes with the Explosion Ability which allows us to hit the monsters next to its target as well. Doesn’t look too bad, does it? Well let’s take a look at the actual stats. For 8 mana we are getting 4 health and 2 armor, which is not the best but for a ranged attacker not the most important stat to be honest. We also getting 3 attack and 2 speed which will get bumped up to 4 attack with General Sloan. This is alright as we will get an additional 2 damage to our opponent due to the Explosion ability.


All in all, this card is very solid and I really like to play this card in special occasions. It does not change the fact that this card is a ranged attacker and this attacking style is the weakest one in my opinion. It lacks the close ranged ability: As we all know, Ranged attackers are not able to attack from the first position and will get overrun if the tank fails. There are still plenty of opportunities to play this card. A good example would be actually a closed Ranged Ruleset, but also the Forbidden Melee Ruleset is also a great example.

Damage Dealer

In order to win the battle we also need to deal some damage! This is best done with some more ranged Attackers in the Life splinter as they are getting buffed trough the summoner. The first one I want to mention is actually a Untamed card: Silvershield Sheriff. With his crossbow around the shoulder he is getting the monsters in the backline. Due to his Sniper Ability we are able to delete some important cards and also the strategy of our opponent. For a total of 9 mana, this car dis certainly not the cheapest, but wilt 4 attack, 3 speed and 8 health, this card is definitely one worth playing!

What is better than one crossbow? Two crossbows! Alongside the Sheriff, I always love to play the Pelacor Arbalest. Due to his Double strike Ability we are able to deal 6 damage per turn with this card as well. This increases our damage count over the three cards to 16! Now if this is not worth playing than I don’t know what is. With only two health and two speed, this card is not very well stated for 6 mana, but we are looking for damage here because our defense mechanism will be our tank!

Bild2.png Bild3.png

Tank & Support

Speaking of tank, we need to introduce this card as well. As we have plenty of mana to spend in this battle we will choose the premium option here: Uriel the Purifier is a 11 mana cost card that is actually a very great tank. We are getting 6 armor, 10 health and 3 speed with an additional 3 Melee attack which gets three time as much because of his Ability. Now, he will only attack every second turn but the wait is wort it most of the time. On top of that this card has the flying ability which makes him even harder to hit.

In order for this heavy tank to survive, we need to keep him alive. This can be done with healing but also through rebuilding his armor. As the first option was banned in this battle we need to rely on the second option. With Adelade Brightwing we have the perfect card to supplement our strategy. Not only does she do 2 magic damage herself, but she can also repair our tank’s armor! If this is not a great support card than I don’t know. Yes she is lacking a bit of speed as well as a little bit of health but for 7 mana we are getting a great addition to our team. With the additional Flying Ability this card would be also resistant against potential Earthquake Ruleset, which we do not encounter this time around.

Bild4.png Bild5.png

Example Battle

And now for the moment we all have been waiting for: The actual battle. Our opponent chose a very similar tactic to ours. He chose to have a very Ranged attack based team. Unfortunately for him he was not able to bring in one single kill to our team. This is the difference between just good cards and a well-executed strategy where all the wheels are working into the right direction. While his team was falling apart, out team was able to support and protect each other. After a few turns the victory ways ours to take!



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On 23rd December 2022


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