How Are You Handling the Splinterlands Rental Market These Days?

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The rental market in Splinterlands is not the same as a few months ago.

A couple of days ago, I exchanged a few words with @revisesociology who, unlike me, is still having some consistent returns from the rental market. Before becoming very concerned about it, I remembered he used to have on the rental market his best cards (the ones he used to play in high leagues with). I'm not sure if he still follows that strategy, but if it does. I am a little less concerned. I believe I could get a decent DEC return out of mine too if I had it on the rental market instead of playing them.

In fact, with my need of DEC instead of loot chest rewards at the moment, that would have been a better solution. But it's a bit late now to switch.

But there are a couple of other elements that affected the rental market, besides the general downtrend. They are not necessarily (all) bad things, they are strategy-changers though, and I haven't adapted to what probably works better right now.

For example, we now have both daily and season rentals. I have my rentals handled by the rental golem, and I think it only does daily rentals. If the market moved toward season rentals (I haven't checked), I haven't moved with it.

Then, PeakMonsters has the option to define and offer entire decks for rent. I believe that's a more convenient option for humans to use, especially if they don't have a deck for which to only need a few inserts here and there. But it's a lot of work to create those decks and you have to have the right cards, not like me, a few of this, a few of that, and a few of the other type, unrelated.

Then, there is now the fee for listing or changing the market price which brought back the rental golem from and any any other rental bot a ton.

There are more things I could think of. Land lords started amassing cards for land, and, in the meantime, they are flooding the rental market, driving the prices down for similar cards.

Since updating strategy for the rental market can be very time consuming and I'd rather not do it many times, I want to gather some information before I do it, and wait for Land 1.5 to see how the demand and offer on the rental market changes. Particularly since Land 1.5 may come with rental market options, either on launch or soon after.

If you have some tips or would like to share how you are currently renting your cards out, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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I handled the rental marke tby quitting the rental market...

Too much time and energy required to optimize your earnings while the constant fluctuations make most earnings minimal compared to the loss in card value.


Yeah, I did that a while ago. I just let the rent golem handle things. But these days the return has plummeted so much that I rarely even bother to collect it sometimes.

Ah. I have never heard of the rent golem so will have to check it out.

It's the card rental service from

But these days the return has plummeted so much that I rarely even bother to collect it sometimes.


the 10% fee from splex was too much for me so I switched to peakd. It's not bad, but my rentals are not optimized. Loot chests don't really have any value atm imo (but I only played in gold)

I tend to agree this was probably a better solution. I wished I had thought of it sooner, but I lost a lot of time playing in ranked when I could've put my playing deck for rent.

The main factor depressing the card rental market is likely some of the bot farms quitting. Rental market volume is down significantly since there are fewer bots renting cards now.

Really hope land sucks up a lot of the card supply.

Yes, that's for sure one of the reasons. And they were the main driver of daily rentals too. I hope land will suck up some of those excess cards too.

I haven't touched the rental markets since the changes and I honestly don't really like the fee to list cards. I still need to list the cards manually and I don't plan on changing the prices once I do. I want something that will continuously be rented out without bothering me.

There is a problem with listing once and not following the market trends too. If your cards aren't rented at least once every 30 days, they are taken off the market. You need to relist, which is another fee. Same as changing the price, basically.

When I rent many of the great cards are cheap. I haven't been renting out as much with the new fees, but I really need to. I have so many cards just collecting figurative dust.

If the ROI I'm receiving for my spare cards (not optimized for anything) is a good indication of the state of the market, you haven't lost much.

If you think the rental market is time-consuming and you can't switch to that, Don't think about it. It wasn't for you in that way, Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be happy in the coming future. Regrets are not good for glory.

It's not time-consuming as it is. If I need to change anything it will become time-consuming. The problem is, as it is, the ROI is almost inexistent. I'm thinking to wait for Land 1.5 though, otherwise, I might need to make the changes twice.

Still too small to rent out cards. I just sold several gold cards a few days ago and used the DEC to buy SPS and staked them. As for Ranked Battle and Brawl, I reduced the number of cards I rent and settled to fight in the lower League. Until now, I am still playing in the Silver I League.


No need to push higher if conditions aren't great for that. Especially now that the SPS stake will play a role in determining the rewards, besides the deck we have to play with.

Most of mine haven't rented for awhile. I pulled several off the rental market to combine to max level. Waiting for Land 1.5 to come available. Will you be renting out any of your plots? I have an extra 20 cards(14k PP) ready to place on land and I am looking at the different options.

Renting the deck out as one sounds decent but does it cost 1 dec/card just to list it?

Will you be renting out any of your plots?

Not sure yet. Depends on what form renting will take for land. Normally, I'll want to fill all my plots myself. But that's a process of duration, and in the meantime, I might be tempted to rent out a good part of my plots.

Sounds good. I heard some own a keep in their tract and are looking at the taxes as income. Problem will be the land has to be cleared to have anyone wish to rent it. Also the up to 50K dec staking and a power source will cause many to not populate their land. I think the ROI will start high and trend down as more land comes online(cleared,dec staked).

If renting will be possible from the start, I believe that will be the trend too. And yeah, everyone with a tract has a keep unless they sold it.

Hmm I just let it run on its own.. On good days I am getting 40 DEC a day, on bad days I am getting 10 DEC a day, which is fine for something that is "passive". Will put effort to manage when the rents are better (then it's worth the effort).

Yeah, I agree, for such low amounts active rent management is not worth it.

I dont have a good solution also, ever since that change, it has been painful.

Well... A few more weeks until we'll have the initial impact of Land 1.5 on the rental market. Hopefully, it will shake some things.

Good luck with the cards @gadrian! Have a great rest of the week. Barb :)
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Thanks, Barb! Have a great weekend yourself.

You're welcome @gadrian !BBH !CTP
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