“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

gtg, roelandp, and good-karma are different people. There are no two witness accounts in the top 20 owned by the same person.

I found your trip down memory lane and some of the connections drawn interesting but you're making this personal and also doing a sloppy job of making connections and jumping to conclusions. I understand your stubbornness but here it's not really doing you any favors.


Which 6?


Ugh stop tagging my name I'm sick of getting notifications about your delusional ramblings. For my part, I've been around for 5+ years and have posts were I've pretty much doxed myself so I find it hard to take your "research" seriously if your conclusion is that I am all of the people above.


You a witness on Hive are sick of getting notifications on hive?

I'm sick of getting pointless notifications from people I don't know (and who don't know me), full of bullshit accusations based on absolutely nothing.

Is it impossible for someone to take over a somewhat anonymous account, or be paid for it?
Or to have catfished 2 witnesses from the beginning?

Nope, that's not impossible.

What's your name ?

Adam. Something you could have easily figured out with super l33t research tactics like reading my introduction post.

Do you (still) work for Blocktrades?

Nope, never worked for BT.

Yeah those are all individually run.

I've quite literally had in-person drinks with 5 out of this 6 on two different continents (and up to at least 4 of them simultaneously if happy, hazy memory serves) and the 6th -I'm quite transparent and pleased to say- has become a dear friend, whom I have had many voice chats with him and his wife over the past years.

One of the magical things about a decentralized social, info sharing blockchain that does indeed breed strong social, info sharing connections and loyalty to the community and ecosystem is that... well, you end up interacting socially, sharing info, and forming relationships with those people. Steem, and now Hive, has done that for me. Based on this particular analysis, may as well throw me into the colluding top twenty numbers as a witness too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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My account was created then because that's when I found my first POW block, same goes for most of those others and their owners aside from those created by @register, which was a service meant to intake the non-mining-literate mostly from the BitShares crowd. This was before Steemit (the website) was even publicly announced and there were a handful of posts and comments, pretty much tests. Early days.

I guess those 6 accounts could be run by one puppetmaster who stays up 24/7, is able to present multiple personalities that talk to each other, and can fake different accents over voice chat. But the more likely explanation is they're individual people. It doesn't look like jesta has anything to do with the steempress account anymore either.

All of the early adopters of Steem created their accounts around the same time. That's when the blockchain was getting going.

Downvoted for more useless annoying tagging. FYI, you can mention account names to discuss them without turning them into tags.

When you launch a blockchain with less than 50 people, they do tend to look a lot alike.
Add in that a lot of the folks named here were at steemfests, and it is no surprise that they share proxies and recovery accounts.

I hope you keep going, audits are good for the chain.
Perhaps you would benefit by finding folks that can critique your findings before you post them.
I don't have a discord to offer, but you are free to dm me and I will ask around if you have questions I can't answer.


I don't blame them for being touchy, they have suffered many false accusations over the last 5 years, not least of which includes collusion.

The fact remains without many of those names you mentioned hive would not even exist.
For that, they have some deference coming.
Some benefit of the doubt.

If they would have continued the whale experiment I would have mad respect for them, but instead they insist on putting their preference on who gets rewards.

If you can show the incestuous nature of the voting here, please do.
This tendency to circle jerk is hurting the distribution of the coin.
The more hands we get hive into, the better for us all, iyam.

About the only way to end the circle jerk is for another group of crabs to overpower the circle, otherwise, this is what we get.

This fact is why I call for a 1000mv voluntary limit on voting.
We need to make it customary that once you get to 1000mv you need to stop taking so much from the rest of us.

Just as the minnows are expected to act right once they get to 1mv, the whales should stop eating their own tails at 1000mv, imo.

Less than 70 accounts would be impacted by this.
The rest of us would see our vote values double, at least.
Allowing the redfish more say in who gets rewards would result in more redfish getting more rewards.


Now if only we were founded by leaders rather than impetuous rich children that could hire code done for them.

I agree that 'the community' will have to step up to take on leadership roles, if they so decide, but I hope many of those names continue to make the improvements that have brought us here.

Not that long ago we would never again see the light of day for having said as much as we have.

The current crop of deciders made it clear that those days were at an end.

The hive has benefited from that, not only in removing the chilling effect that it had on free speech, but in ending the sense of entitlement that led to such behaviors.
'Yes, you were here at the launch, no that doesn't make this your kingdom to off people's heads over dissenting speech.'

I have no doubt that if your facts are accurate, very few will join in the silencing of them.
That doesn't mean that opinions are safe, just facts.
Everybody gets an opinion and that opinion includes disagreement on rewards.
It's just a rule of this game.
If we change the rules on improvident whims to please a few, there might as well not be a game.

Games have rules.
No rules results in no games.
Changing rules impacts retention.
Increasing it, if the crowd agrees, and decreasing it if they don't.

Hive will be what we make of it, now that the one who's name we don't speak has ostensibly left the building.



The reward pool is a crab bucket, I'm just being a good crab.

What is it that you think folks might be doing?
Hive's distribution is actually fairly well dispersed.

You a Leader? Well that is a new spin on your old Bullshit 🤣🤣🤣

If you really take full responsibility for your words and actions, then you will apologize for libeling and slandering me. And I am eager to accept your proportional reparations. Me thinks all of your Hive would be an acceptable payment for your doucheyness.

Show me the Money bitch.

I am ok with a court deciding my level of legal responsibility and deciding what monies, if any, are owed to you.

Cool 😎

Get out your checkbook; this ain’t gonna be cheap! Of course you know that already; or you wouldn’t be trying to hide all of your libelous comments.

You're getting downvoted because you're marking claims that are not only untrue, but that you could have easily figured out were untrue if you'd spent any time at all doing any real research. Hundreds of people in Hive have met lots of the people you're claiming are the same person at conferences, etc. There's plenty of videos and posts on Hive of us at these conferences. For that matter, gtg, howo from steempress (a joint witness owned by howo and andother guy), and I are all in the biweekly developer's meetings:

Are you simple in the head? I do not know what you are talking about because your post is all over the place.

Maybe a little too much to drink? Been there, done that. You are not going to gain influence with crazy posts like this, believe me. From one nut to another, cool your jets!


No, you are not talking to @roelandp. Though I do appreciate the compliment. If you knew me at all you would know that I am not an alt-account.

I have done videos, been involved in a number communities. A great many folks know who I am. Your research is lacking.

Better to make more of your Marijuana leaf NFT art than bantering with me! I guess my research is a little better than yours. Only took me ten minutes to figure out your alt-accounts/affiliated accounts. A lot less than 50 hours.

Now, if you do not mind, I am off for another cup of tea and going outside to enjoy the sunshine. G-D bless you and have a wonderful day, truly.

I didn't even know I had Blocktrades as a proxy for some time or remember why. We're not the same person. I create accounts for people. So does Blocktrades.

Stop tagging people and they'll stop downvoting.

downvoted by @gtg aka @roelandp aka @good-karma, who is currently at least 3 of Hive's top 20 witnesses is a joke.

I personally met all these people, do your homework will you before letting the accusations fly.

I've met many of those named too. A lot of witnesses are not actually getting rich from Hive. They tend to post rarely, but get good votes as appreciation for what they have contributed. To claim they are the same person shows very little actual research.


I think they have been pretty transparent even if some don't want to give their real names. I found them all to be nice people who want the best for this platform. Go in peace.


The edit history is preserved.

I am aware of the blockchain's immutability. It is still one of my favorite parts.


What kind of a question is that, they are regular people... believe it or not.


I expect so, why all the disbelief? At SF3 and SF4 people sport badges with their STEEM (was then) names. So for that event, they are called those names and not their real names.

There is plenty of evidence, have a look around at the past Bangkok and Krakow events.

This post has absolutely no reason for being posted in the @leofinance community. Saying that it has a cryptocurrency or financial topic content is a stretch.

I do not agree with the rewards it has received therefore you have received a downvote of 100%. It has been a long time since I have downvoted a post.

Please in the future post financial topics.

-A concerned member of the LEO Finance Community.

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Wow, your research skills are even shittier than I expected.


You still believe that your research is truth. What a misguided fuck you are. Hundreds, if not thousands, of us have been slandered and libeled by your so called “research” and “truth”.

You are the real bad guy here; you attack everyone that disagrees with your “truth”.

You owe apologies to hundreds of us; and deserve to distribute your assets to all that have been wronged.

Again; be a man, apologize, make reparations, and disappear!