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RE: HBD Interest Payouts For June 2022

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There’s so much I disagree with in ur comment, mainly the 20% isn’t safe at all, but let’s just agree to disagree: I refuse to trust any algorithm “stable coin “. Especially one being promoted as better that is not even stable at all. They won’t work long term is my take but smart people like us can obviously agree to disagree.
Regardless of difference of opinion I respect ya ✊
And we agree on Hive itself so cheers to Hive 🍻

For any others reading this and my critical comments⬇️
I care about Hive. If I didn’t I wouldn’t bother talking about what I see as a huge liability to Hive reputation itself when HBD blows. It’s simple math. One day people will see (again in my humble opinion) it but I guess not till it’s 2 late unfortunately. It’s all love and respect ✊

In meantime friends we all want Hive itself to grow and succeed so no need for drama over different opinion on HBD. Heck I remember somebody downvoted me for being critical in 2020 about HBD. So silly 🙃
We all want Hive to win 🙌
Again friends cheers to that! 🍻🍄🙌✊🎸