Introducing The GiftGiver Token- GIFT

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If you've been on hive-engine, you might have seen the GIFT token floating about(tradable at We created the GIFT token as a way to reward our delegators and provide some use with them.


We are doing distribution in two ways. The first is to delegators. Each day, delegators will share in 1,000 tokens, distributed between the delegators, according to percent of the delegations they have given. A user who has delegated 5% of the total amount of delegations received by GiftGiver will get 5% of the 1,000 daily minted pool(50 GIFT). We've been doing this for a few days to test it out and are now announcing it publicly. If you'd like to delegate to us, you can do so using the peakD wallet or using the following link(modify the amount to be the amount that you'd like to delegate) : or with any tool of your choosing.

The second way that we are distributing is by minting up to 10,000 to GiftGiver each month. On the first of the month, we will issue up to 10,000 GIFT to @giftgiver. They might be sold, given to others for their contribution towards making GiftGiver better or used for other purposes.

There is no additional plans for minting the token, and so months have a maximum of 41,000 GIFT planned to be minted.


One of the usage of our tokens can be used to advertise on our site. While pricing isn't set yet, we have two plans for accepting it, using cost per click method and cost per mile(1,000 views) method. The initial thought is with CPM, 50 tokens per mile or 1 token per click for cost per click.


If you have any further questions, you can join us on our discord or check out the FAQ on our website.

Like what we are doing and want to support us? We are part of the @hextech witness group. You can give us a vote here on PeakD, or

here on Hive.Blog /
, or here with Hivesigner.

Low on resource credits? Head over to to get a free delegation.

Be sure to check out our new Hive faucet at

Want to advertise on our site? Send an email to [email protected]

Written by @rishi556.


Nice to know @rishi556. It would be better if you use those tokens to increase the delegation amount or time having a delegation jeje

For new users; they can use the GIFT token to increase the time for the delegation for example a month.

For experienced users; they can buy tokens to get a cheaper delegation leasing jeje for example 1 GIFT = 50 HP delegation for those users who have less than 50 HP or something like that.😃

Great news!


increase the delegation amount or time having a delegation

Renewals are coming(its the next of the new and upcoming features that I'll be posting about) soon with the new UI update(maybe shortly afterwards as the backend isn't being friendly with it right now), so no need for that.

I don't want the tokens affecting delegation amounts that we send in any aspect since it'll put richer users at an unfair advantage and GiftGiver is meant to help all.

These tokens aren't meant for new users but rather users who want to help us and get something out of it at the same time. For now its ads on our site, which is growing on the number of viewers it gets daily. I plan on adding a few more things to it, but until they are confirmed I can't say anything. I've also been using it as the only form of token I'll take for selling NFT's on dCity.

Yep, renewals would be great for all we love your project. 👍

They are possible right now, but I was seeing errors with them with the web interface so I never launched it, reworking it now. They are possible by asking in the discord channel.

Interesting! I am glad this project is move forward :D

Thank you.

Shouldn't you use the HP to upvote content? So the Giftgiver account can grow and help more? And get more RC xD

Yup we are running a upvoting bot on this as well as manually voting content to get more HP.

Okay cool. I just notice giftgiver had 100% HP voting power :D

Oh, ur right. I think my bot might have gone down. Looking at it. Thanks for notifying me.

Ohh haha, no problem :D

It's back up and running now. Time to read logs and find out what happened.

Go at it dude :D

Gave you a good old delegation, hope to see some GG in my wallet soon and want to try out the platform, wishing you all the best with your project

Thank you. You'll be getting them shortly.

Awesome, looks like you’re building quite the little empire here!

Hey, I didn't know there was a Hive faucet. Good job! I delegated 250 HP, and I'll want to advertise starting in September.

Thanks for the delegation. We'll have the new delegation system up by then so you can use the token you'll be gathering during the time for advertisement.