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RE: What is an Initial DEX Offering and what will make Leofinance’s Polygon Yield Farm attractive to investors?

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The sad thing about the "no airdrop" for me is it means a lot of the smaller/less experienced players probably won't get in at all.

Being airdropped cub was my entry into farming and without it I wouldn't have taken that step. I needed a lot of help to get as far as I've gotten and I know I'm not alone in that.

I understand the need to avoid a massive sell off of air dropped tokens. However, for the smaller players it might have been the stepping stone we needed to get involved. 😁

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You raise a valid concern. Perhaps you can ask a question about it at the next AMA or leave the question in the Discord AMA Chat asking if smaller investors could get an airdrop to incentivize their participation?

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I'm 99.9% sure that the answer would be "no". 😁

I think LEO and CUB Finance are more concerned with making "money" and far less with community these days.

Makes sense I suppose since it is about finance after all but there seems to be less and less for the newbs . . . or financially challenged. 😂

Maybe that's just my perception though.


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