I displayed Hive NFT in Voxels' Metaverse Gallery / VoxelsのメタバースギャラリーにHive NFTを飾ってみた(English&Japanese)

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I have created a 3D gallery in Voxels to display some artwork that I purchased from NFT Showroom. The land belongs to NFT Showroom and I am allowed to use it temporarily as a collaborator.

Click here for a link to the gallery! 👇

You can explore the Voxels metaverse without signing up. It works on your phone, but may be easier to view on a PC.

I became interested in Hive NFT last year when @djynn started a giveaway of her original NFT "Spooky Pops NFT". I started browsing the NFT Showroom often and found that there is a lot of great art. When I see them, I want to buy them. And when I buy them, I want to display them....

"No Metaverse Gallery in the Hive chain?" , "I want to display the NFT art I bought!" and I wrote that in my post, @juliakponsford temporarily allowed me to use NFT Showroom's Voxel land.

She lent me the land in a mostly cleared state, so yesterday I took the time to do it from the construction of the gallery. I should have taken pictures of the process, but I was so engrossed in the work that I forgot.

I think the architecture itself is like Minecraft. I can't do anything advanced yet, but I could do very basic operations like building walls and stairs, putting up images and videos, etc. in a short time. I felt Voxels is a relatively easy platform to use. I tried to make the gallery a two-story building with white walls.

After the building was completed, I subsequently added images of the works. Strictly speaking, the works displayed here now are not NFTs; I just linked the URLs of the works I purchased from the NFT Showroom. So as long as you have the URL of the image, I guess you can display it within Voxels... But all the works displayed here today are works I purchased at the NFT Showroom. I also wanted background music, so I've added a link to a YouTube video. I have it set to autoplay and keep playing on repeat whenever someone visits the lot...does it work well?

I also thought I needed to be able to tell what building this is, so I purchased a QR code with the NFT Showroom logo from @doze. It is on the front of the building. The contents are my personal collection, but I thought it would be nice to promote Hive and NFT Showroom a little.

I have not been able to display all of the NFTs I bought. As a matter of fact, I couldn't figure out how to put up images of any size other than square, so the vertical or horizontal art is either not yet displayed, or if it is displayed, it is partially cut off. Also, I really wanted to frame and display them all, but I couldn't figure out how to get the frames out. Therefore, they are directly attached to the wall like posters. I would like to learn how to use Voxels and improve this area to make it look more like a gallery. Including the exterior walls, I think I will be able to display all the art I have now.

On the second floor, I mainly display the works of Japanese artists.

But still... I have a problem with my 5-year-old second son, who sticks his hand out beside me while I am working, and trolls me by putting out ducks and sending seagulls flying.

It was a pleasure to display the artworks I purchased in the Voxels gallery. If people could do this more easily, I think it would spark people's desire to collect. Voxels itself is not difficult to operate and is quite easy to use once you get used to it, but it costs money, which is not cheap to purchase land.... But this is a platform used by non-Hive crypto and NFT fans as well, and I think having land on Voxels and showing Hive NFT would be good publicity for the Hive chain (If I had the money😅)

It seems that I can also create a metaverse gallery on Cluster, a Japanese metaverse platform. This one should be free for personal use. It is a platform that is crowded with mainly Japanese people, so it would be a good place to advertise Hive. However, after doing a lot of research, I found that I need to use Unity to achieve what I want to do... I even downloaded it, but it was too difficult and I failed once at the end of last year. I would like to look into it again, including if there is an easier way.

For someone like me who collects art, it is fun to "display" (and show off!) after purchasing it. I would like to thank @juliakponsford for letting me experience it! Thank you very much.

--- Creators of the works on display now ---


I am very excited to be able to view your work in the 3D world! Thank you for your wonderful work😄✨



Voxelsにメタバースギャラリーを作り、NFT Showroomで購入した作品を飾ってみました。この土地はNFT Showroomのもので、私はコラボレーターとして一時的にここを使わせてもらっています。



昨年ジンさんが彼女のオリジナルNFT「Spooky Pops NFT」のギブアウェイを始めたことから、私もHive NFTに興味を持つようになりました。NFT Showroomをよく覗くようになり、素敵なアートがたくさんあることを知りました。見ていると、買いたくなります。そして購入すると、今度は飾りたくなります…。

Hiveチェーンにメタバースギャラリーはないの?買ったアートを飾りたいよ~!と騒いでいたところ、 @juliakponsford さんからNFT Showroomの土地を一時的に借りられることになりました。



建物の完成後、続いてNFT Showroomで購入した作品のイメージを追加していきます。厳密にいえば、今ここに展示されている作品はNFTではありません。NFT Showroomで私が購入した作品のURLを紐づけただけです。だから画像のURLさえあれば、Voxcels内に表示させることはできると思いますが…。今回ここに展示しているのは、全て私がNFT Showroomで購入した作品です。BGMも欲しかったので、YouTube動画のリンクを貼っています。誰かがこの土地を訪問すると自動再生され、リピートで流れ続ける設定にしてありますが、うまく動いてくれているでしょうか?

また、ここが何の建物なのか分かるようにする必要があると思い、dozeさんからNFT Showroomのロゴ入りQRコードを購入しました。建物の正面に貼ってあります。中身は私の個人的なコレクションですが… 少しでもHiveやNFT Showroomの宣伝になればと!



それにしても… 私が作業していると横から5歳の次男が手を出してきて、鴨を出したり、カモメを飛ばしたりして荒らしてくるので困ります(フラミンゴを出したのは私)


日本のサービス、Clusterでもメタバースギャラリーを作ることができるようです。こちらは個人利用の場合、無料で使えるはず。日本人を中心に賑わっているサービスなので、Hiveの宣伝の場としても良いと思います。ただ色々と調べていたところ、私がやりたいことを実現するためにはUnityを使う必要があって… ダウンロードまではしたものの、難しすぎて年末に一度挫折しています。再度、もっと簡単な方法がないかも含め調べてみたいです。



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Me gusto mucho como lo presentas, me parecio maravillo ver mi trabajo como algo que se puede admirar.

Your new sword series is lovely too. My son wants them and I think I will buy soon😄

muchas gracias, scare unas 3 mas de ese estilo. y luego la excalibur

That's good! Looking forward to it✨





NFT's and a metaverse to display them have changed the way we own and experience art.
You are right no point in owning a nice NFT if we are going to keep in in our wallet.
A piece of art worth owning is worth displaying too.
Good to see your young son doing his bit in contributing to the art scene with his ducks.

Who knows maybe he could well be launching his own NFT collection some day if he has the inclination towards the arts.
If you or anyone from the community has any issues or need any assistance in onboarding you can reach out to me.

I started buying artwork from the NFT Showroom last autumn. Now that I am able to display it in the Voxels gallery, I feel that I have finally achieved what I wanted to do. After all, I want to display and appreciate great art, and I want other people to see it too😄

Thank you for all your support!! I am trying to get people in my community to use InLeo, but many seem to find it a bit difficult. I am also having a hard time attracting Japanese to Hive itself😅

I would like to further my understanding of InLeo. Do you have a comprehensive document on Evergreen Rewards anywhere? Listening to English in space was difficult for me, so I looked for a post about it but could not find one🙏

Looks great!

Thank you!!

I forgot to mention in voxels there is a light baking feature (kind of adds some natural lighting effects) if you want I can turn it on and you can let me know if you like it better that way!

Lovely! I was looking for a light from the asset, but it didn't seem bright enough. Could you please turn that feature on?

I turned it on so let me know if you see a difference, I think it's brighter on the top level where there's more sun? If you modify the gallery it needs to be turned on again, it's on the side menu under edit I believe and called light baking. You adjust the slider click bake light and it takes a while to process 💡

There are also light fixtures that can be different colors and I think they need to be baked to in the same setting for full effect! Can look really cool though

Right here? I could see that the room was brighter. Thank you.
I am still learning about architecture, so I think I can improve more. I'll post again!

Yes that's the one and if you turn it way down it gets very dark in areas where no sunlight is coming in.

For the little light fixtures I forgot to mention you can change the size as well so you can make a huge strip of lights if you want

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you😊
@djynn さん、ブーストありがとうございます!





NFT Showroomの土地はたぶんこの建物のある場所だけで、そこより外は他の人やプロジェクトの所有物なんだと思います。空地も多そうです。自由に散策できるのが面白いですよね!


Hello!!! Oh!!! What a good presentation!!!😍, an excellent way to show your collection of works. As an artist it makes me very happy that you have acquired my work and can show it to the community, this is the first time that I see one of my works in a digital gallery like voxel!! 👏 👏 Sharing the gallery tour with my family and my children has been exciting 💟, they told me that it is the same as playing Minecraft. Nothing better than having the support of family, just as your child shares with you on this great adventure.
Thank you so much!!!!
Will I be able to take some screenshots and a small video to post on social networks?

Hello! Thank you for visiting my gallery. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I started buying works of art from the NFT Showroom late last year. I have always wanted to decorate a 3D space, so I was happy to be able to do so this time. juliakponsford has kindly allowed us to post it OK, so please share it on your blogs and social networking sites😄

This is not my land, but I have been allowed to use it for a while and would like to improve it some more. Please visit again✨

What beauty! I am very excited to see my 2 works in your gallery, all this is beautiful, what genius!

Infinitely grateful to you, I think I will create a new nft soon, and I will let you know when it is ready.

Thanks for visiting! My son loves pixel art too, so he was very excited to see your works in the gallery.

Looking forward to seeing your new work as well😄✨

Sure meanwhile i will share with you my last animation for splinterlands game, i do a fire beetle, maybe your son will love it. Isnt a nft but i want to share it with you and your son.

Oh, my son and I are both Splinterlands players! My son is very happy to see the fire beetle moving in the GIF image. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art! 👏👏

oh for me is a pleasure, for sure!, i am gladthta he liked it! 😀

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Wow! Thank you! Who's someone?
Very surprised but very happy, will try my best to post from InLeo and share on social networking sites.

Awesome! Remember that your content earns $hive and $leo no matter to what community you post it to, so perhaps it is time to make inleo your go to platform haha