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RE: Keep growing your Hive and HBD

in LeoFinance3 months ago (edited)

I have no concerns at all with the second layer tokens. Through them, even newcomers can familiarize themselves with how a token economy works, whether as a "token investor" or a "token issuer". It's practically a playground where you learn to walk and (eventually) pay a little bit of an apprenticeship fee or earn something because you've already mastered the rules. I feel more at home in this provincial economy than out in the shark tanks of the other blockchains.

I've already paid a fair amount of apprenticeship money, but in return I've already gained an interesting insight into highly interesting projects that make creative use of second layer tokens during my research. HiveList (LIST), BeeSwap (BXT) and Rising Star (STARBITS, STARPRO) are very good examples of detailed sophisticated projects, which you don't even notice by just a superficial look at the tokens and in the case of HiveList (and especially the HiveList store) I am even pretty sure that this project and its LIST token are undervalued beyond measure.

I can't leave your recommendation to keep HBD in the savings without comment. Last year in summer there was a opportunity to exchange HBD for HIVE at an extremely good exchange rate for a short period of time. And in winter it was the other way around, when you could exchange HIVE for HBD at an extremely good rate. If you were liquid at both times and took advantage of both options, you could quintuple your account value in less than half a year. Unfortunately, at that point I was already involved in a game here on the blockchain with all my HIVE assets, so this rare opportunity passed me by without me being able to take advantage of it. So before I lock my HBD into savings, I'd rather wait patiently for the one chance I'll (hopefully) be rewarded for my patience. 20% APR under the old banking rules is nice, but I could get that with one smart trade in the internal market even within a few weeks.

hth 🙂