Keep growing your Hive and HBD

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We regularly have conversations on Neoxian City matrix chat on this topic. I keep saying people to focus on growing Hive more than the second layer token. I would like to elaborate a little on the same. I'm not against the second-layer tokens but I would like to leave it as a caution note that it is always good to keep enough first-layer tokens like HBD and Hive. I would say Hive and HBD have a very big market and it also has multiple exchange listings. It is very unlikely that HBD and Hive can fail us comparatively. I understand the price and value of the tokens react to the market value but they are pretty decent when it comes to sustenance. The second-layer tokens are not like that. We have to be very careful with them.


My first layer choices

I would recommend having the funds in HBD savings. This is always my first choice. The reason is that it gives a good 20% APR for our holdings. The second obvious choice would be to keep having Hive power. The main reason for this is because Hive power is very important not only for RC that we are using from the chain but also for a good level of reputation among others. I personally think that if we have enough Hive power, people have a good feeling that we are staying invested in the chain and we do believe Hive blockchain. Even though the interest rate is not as good as HBD, Hive also gives a decent APR of about 11 to 12% which is the sum of curation rewards as well as the yearly Hive power growth.

Be careful with second-layer tokens

Not just Hive Engine tokens but I would say we have to be very careful with any type of second-layer tokens. Most of the time the price of the second layer token is dependent on the price of Hive. If the whole market goes down, Hive also goes down and the value of Hive Engine tokens also goes down. We also have to be very careful about where we are investing. There are so many Ponzi schemes and risky tokens available on Hive Engine. There are also solid projects as well. I will leave the choice to you to pick wise projects but I personally would recommend building enough Hive and HBD before we jump to any second layer token.

Sometimes some projects promise 200% APR or even 1000% APR, we have to be very careful in analyzing where they are getting the funding from. If they are dependent on new investors to pay the old investors, then it is Ponzi. If they are selling some NFTs and digital stuff that can increase in value then it is a better one. If they are selling tokens or NFTs that has a real use case in a game or some other utility, then it can be the best investment. Be very careful when someone is shilling their project saying they can do wonders and they can grow 5 extra hands on them if they get more funding. Read the whitepaper and get the project to your head and then make a wise decision.

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Good post. I recently got into HBD savings as well. I used to convert my author rewards from HBD into Hive, but I put them in HBD savings since the 20% APR.
I power up the Hive rewards for curation purposes.

I've got some second layer tokens, but most of them I earn by posting or curating.
I have gathered quite a nice amount of POB tokens which I stake to my dedicated POB account for better curation rewards.

Questions for you:

  • Why HBD and not just keep cash on hand and buy HIVE? With the price volatility we can easily make up that 8%-9% difference
  • Which ones are the good second layer tokens?
  • Which ones are examples of ponzi tokens on Hive Engine?

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I have the same questions, will coment to read the answer :D

HBD is better and safe because, in spite of bad market the price looks stable and it also gives 20% solid APR.

There are many decent second layer tokens that are good to invest. But my preference may not be a good one for you. So you have do your own research and find out which one suits your niche.

I don't want to give names directly but any project that has more than 2 tokens can be a potential Ponzi. Just my own perspective. Please DYOR

Splinterlands safe? (DEC and SPS)

Rising Star has 2 tokens as well? (Starbits and Starpro)

Rising star is definitely good I think they did not go beyond 2 tokens.

Splinterlands has so many tokens. SPS, DEC, Vouchers, License, Etc. It is a big game but not sure what to say. I'm still staying invested.

I keep stacking both, but i wonder if there is another leg down to buy Hive with my HBD.

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Yes, i totally agree that one is not to be tempted by the high APY etc. I still remember talking in neoxian chat about the danger of time, wonderland. Making money does not means it is a good project. One need to understand how does the whole ecosystem works. Even one can make profit from HYIP but that does not means it is good project.

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I say yes to this. Growing my Hive Power is always a priority for me and a bit of HBD daily is sent to savings.

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I have no concerns at all with the second layer tokens. Through them, even newcomers can familiarize themselves with how a token economy works, whether as a "token investor" or a "token issuer". It's practically a playground where you learn to walk and (eventually) pay a little bit of an apprenticeship fee or earn something because you've already mastered the rules. I feel more at home in this provincial economy than out in the shark tanks of the other blockchains.

I've already paid a fair amount of apprenticeship money, but in return I've already gained an interesting insight into highly interesting projects that make creative use of second layer tokens during my research. HiveList (LIST), BeeSwap (BXT) and Rising Star (STARBITS, STARPRO) are very good examples of detailed sophisticated projects, which you don't even notice by just a superficial look at the tokens and in the case of HiveList (and especially the HiveList store) I am even pretty sure that this project and its LIST token are undervalued beyond measure.

I can't leave your recommendation to keep HBD in the savings without comment. Last year in summer there was a opportunity to exchange HBD for HIVE at an extremely good exchange rate for a short period of time. And in winter it was the other way around, when you could exchange HIVE for HBD at an extremely good rate. If you were liquid at both times and took advantage of both options, you could quintuple your account value in less than half a year. Unfortunately, at that point I was already involved in a game here on the blockchain with all my HIVE assets, so this rare opportunity passed me by without me being able to take advantage of it. So before I lock my HBD into savings, I'd rather wait patiently for the one chance I'll (hopefully) be rewarded for my patience. 20% APR under the old banking rules is nice, but I could get that with one smart trade in the internal market even within a few weeks.

hth 🙂

It really pays to study the project before seriously investing in it. This does not apply only to Hives' 2nd-layer tokens but to anything where we can invest our time and hard-earned money.

Though, similar to hivedivers' comment, I learned a lot and still learning, from Hives' 2nd layer tokens. Good or bad, these tokens are leaving me with important lessons. Any losses that I've incurred are like tuition fees for something that is priceless.

I like to diversify too, just in case I would mistake in one or more of my decisions then I will not have a difficult time recovering. :simple_smile:


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I think it depends. At the current prices, I tend to lean more towards Hive itself but HBD itself is doing better than most HE tokens. So I understand why people pull out their funds from there.

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I am buying more Hive during dips.

Good. Keep going. Cheers!

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