Support Hive Curation and get daily Hive! 50Hive Giveaway!

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Hi Hiveans and HODLers,

We usually do not write to get more delegations but today is different. Our community has been consistenly curating for the past year.


On average we have 4-5 Curation Posts per week thanks to our Curation team. Shout-out to these guys: @idiosyncratic1, @mistakili, @belemo and @readthisplease !

As an example, here is our last curation post: IMF, TRIBL Conlist, PolyCUB, Trading Timeframes & Thorchain Synths -> 159th 🐯 Curation.

As in all our curation posts, author rewards are shared between the posts selected and the curator, therefore spreading the HIVE love around.

We pay 90% of curation rewards back to delegators...

... Daily!

As seen in the print screen below, it will be sent directly to your account on a daily basis. The only requirement is to delegate more than 100HP to be counted for daily payments.


We are very thankful for all the help we received from dozens of delegators from whale, orcas to minnows and we will continue to actively curate worthy writers in our beautiful Hive community!

If you do not have the time or just want to spread your curation power, think about us. We will greatly appreciate it!

How to win these 50 $HIVE?

Simple as it can be, you just have to ReHive this post! One lucky winner will be randomly selected.

Only requirement is to have more than 200HP staked. This is just to prevent spammers/bots from abusing the giveaway.


Delegate to @hodlcommunity

If you would like to delegate some HP to our community and support us; we give you back 90% of the curation rewards on a daily basis !

You can also delegate LEO Power to help out for the Leofinance Community.

By following our HIVE trail here

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Re-blogged guys! This is the least I can do for your amazing services. Now I know why I get the upvotes sometimes from the @hodlcommunity acc. All cool peeps in the curator's list. Thanks for the love and the hardowork.

Btw, as soon as I gather another 150HP, I will surely delegate to you guys!

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Thank you for the kind words! We enjoy your articles and your nice interactions with other Hiveans.
See ya around

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What a pity I am just a little under the 200HP staked : (((....

We are sorry to hear that but unfortunately this is one of the rule to participate in the giveaway :(.

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Hodl community stronk 🤝👏

Indeed my dear!

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Re-hived. Keep up the good work. I have recommended this account sometimes when people wanted to delegate out their LP for LEO.

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Thank you for doing so @jfang003

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Long live the hodl community

Thank you @bhoa!

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Re-blogged! Congratulations to everyone running this great initiative!


We owe many thanks to @vlemon for his amazing efforts in Hive community. HODL project has been rewarding great posts on LeoFinance with regular basis.

Great to be a part of this amazing project. Let's keep up the good work ✌🎯

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Thank you @idiosyncratic1, you have been there since day 1 curating and helping out.

Thank you for that :D

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I rehived this post. I think I will delegate shortly as soon as I have enough in my wallet, Thank you!

Thank you for your comment and the future delegation, we truly appreciate it.

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Happily rehived. ✌️ Thanks for helping the community thrive!


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Re-blogged, good job guys.

Cool idea! Rehived!

Reblogged (ReHived), but would have done so anyway despite the contest.🌸💕💓

Reblogged! This really shows how I appreciate it a lot, keep up the good work


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You guys are doing amazing job, more power to you :)

reblogged! keep up the good work!

I wish I could participate yet I subscribe to the initiative. I will learn more 😄

Hey - good afternoon. Is there a Discord to pop in and say 'Hey'?