Streamers: Keeping Control

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If you take it seriously, streaming can be a job. But there’s a difference between unpleasant work and a dreadful obligation. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to change habits when you’re so close to them, but take a deep breath and enjoy these tips to help you regain balance.

Sticking to a schedule

Sticking to a schedule can be as much a benefit to you as your fans; they get to know when you’ll be around, and you have set hours. That way you never feel like you’re doing too much or too little.

Any amount is fine as long as you’re consistent, and you don’t have to stream every day to get a fan-base. It’s generally better to have a few smaller sessions than one mega one every few weeks; you’ll be fresher, smarter, have more to talk about, and lower the chance of your followers being busy that day. You might presume fans want as much of you as possible, but consider that you’ll be doling yourself out over months or years, and a steady pace makes more sense.

Community and therapy

Presenting yourself to Internet strangers is a new part of human culture. Unlike theater, where you have a character, your streaming personality is probably pretty close to the authentic you. Having other streamers to talk to and commiserate with is important, but if you’re really feeling the strain, reach out to mental health professionals. There are numerous ones that you can see remotely or via text, at reasonable rates. There’s no one way to stream, but having someone to talk to can make it much more bearable.

Keep it clean

Drinking and drugs on stream, or just off-camera, can make a session fly by. But many sites prevent them in the TOS, and chemical use to get through your job is a sign that things are going badly. If you have to be high to get through your stream, it might be worth asking if this is something you actually like doing.

A great community can only come from healthy streamers. We wish you the best in safely (and sanely) sharing yourself with the world.

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