How to Exit from SmartBCH to BSC Using Bolivar Bridge

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There might be some out there who found themselves locked up in the SmartBCH chain due to the halting of the bridges off and to the protocol, apparently by CoinFLEX.


Bolivar Bridge, came out on 25th June in the BlockNG platform to facilitate exit and entry from (or to) the SmartBCH network.

How to use it?

  • Swap BCH to bcBCH at MistSwap.
    The price is outrageously different. It is not 1:1 ratio so you must check. At the time of this writing, 1 BCH = 0.6884bcBCH


  • After swapping, convert the bcBCH to Binance-Pegged BCH
    You do this by going to the Bolivar Bridge and inputting the necessary details on the bridge fields.

    1. From SmartBCH and to Binance Smart Chain.

    2. Select bcBCH on the drop down menu.

    3. Input how many bcBCH you are taking out

    4. Then click "SWAP"

    5. You need to "confirm" the transaction on your wallet.


    6. After it is confirmed, a transaction hash will appear. Open it on another window (so you will have a copy just in case). Check the box to enable "Manual Claim of Previous Transaction"


    7. Click "Switch to BSC Network"

    8. Confirm the network switch in your wallet

    9. After the network is switched to BSC, the "CLAIM" button will appear.


    10. Click it to claim your BSC pegged BCH. Confirm it for the transaction to process.

    11. To see the token (BCH) in your BSC wallet, custom add the token's Contract Address 0x8ff795a6f4d97e7887c79bea79aba5cc76444adf.


And now you can breath having taken out your BCH off the SmartBCH chain, if that is what you want of course. Additional info about BlockNG and the cross-chain bridge here.

I heard that CoinFLEX is planning on opening the bridges on the 30th June so personally, I'm waiting if it does happen. I did use the Bolivar Bridge twice using small amounts of bcBCH to test it. Both transaction arrived to my BSC wallet without a glitch.

DISCLAIMER: None in this publication is an endorsement. Please use the bridge at your own risk.

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Images and or screenshots are from BlockNG and Metamask. No copyright infringement intended. 30622/11:35ph

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Thanks for sharing this. I believe this will be very useful for those who wants to get out of the sBCH chain

Thank you Kushy, was something I tried this morning and it worked. But hopefully, the bridges will get reactivated soon.

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It might probably take longer than expected, considering the issues on ground. Everyone is trying to tie up their losses, even if it means burning a few bridges

That might be true. I wonder if the BCH liquidity on this bridge will be enough though. Hopefully BlockNG will add more to it.

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Great tutorial! I'll save it so I don't lose it!

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Thank you lots :)

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Hi Sis!
Thanks for sharing this. But I guess if I've let my SmartBCH portfolio drift a bit, I'll wait and see if the troubled waters calm down.
Have a lovely evening 😊

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You are welcome sis. Also waiting for things to settle down. Thank you and lovely Thursday morning to you❤

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Wow! I appreciate you for sharing this info with us. It is well explained, and will be very useful whenever we need to swap between sBCH & BCH. Thank you, Boss.

Hi @mayorwrites, thank you for your kind remarks. Cheers :)

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Magkano equivalent nyan sa dollar?,/ same price sa BCH?

Nope sis, iba price. $145 yung price nya nung last na nakita ko. Check mo sa MistSwap sis. Kung ano yung amount ng bcBCH na sesend mo sa bridge, yon yung amount ng BCH na marereceive mo sa BSC wallet mo.

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And, if we do, where is the BSCBCH traded for BCH again?

I didn't check if there is a bridge from BSC to BCH but you can send it to Binance CEX then withdraw it to your BCH wallet.

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Binance needs KYC. I don't do KYC.

That's the downside. May need to find another bridge then.

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That's a great tutorial. 🔥

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Thank you lots, appreciate it :)

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Yay! Thank you once again :) It's fun collecting these badges while growing my account :)

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Thank you for participating in the PUM @ifarmgirl. Have a nice weekend 😊🌹

Thanks for creating this great SmartBCH to BSC tutorial on LeoFinance!

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Pleasure, cheers! Hope it helps draw traffic from the outside hehe

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Thanks, very useful info!

Thank you, glad it is :) Cheers

Posted using LeoFinance Mobile

I just need help to send my BCH to the correct address! lol

Okay, where is your BCH now?

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sent to the wrong address. someone is enjoying it!

Ouch! Hope it's not a large amount. Really need to check and check and check before pressing the send button, lol!

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yeah, its the converting to old style address that let me down and copy/pasting.

yeah, i learned my lesson. lucky not too much.

Very good post. I try to extract from the smartBCH whit this bridge, but never pop up the call to my wallet BSC when I click "Claim". I don't know if is my connection or what.
Lucky for me, I test first with a few cents.

That's good, always test with a small amount.

Did you copy the transaction hash? If so, you can try to refresh the page and then claim it by entering the hash manually.

Yes I copy the hash. I will try later from another computer and diferent internet conection.
I am from Cuba, here everything from internet is more complicated. 🤗😅

Awesome! I can relate with poor internet connection. I also used to have one before. I had to change so now, it is a lot better. Hope you will sort it out :)