Investment Log #2: Powering up some LEO

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I am going to turn 10k into 100k - that's a 10x profit - in the span of one year. I came up with this goal a few months ago, but I only decided to put the plan into action ten days ago with my first investment log where I injected 1.500 USD into polycub farms, specifically the pHIVE-Polycub because I believe both Hive and polycub have a solid chance of 2x or maybe even 3xing over the next few months, while getting a 100% APR in the process.

Ever since I joined Leo Finance I've been pondering the possibility of investing in the native token, but the APR, while still being attractive - even though it doesn't compare to some DeFi projects' APR, including Polycub - requires for me to be active voting and engaging, which is something I don't really have time to do, until today that I have decided to become more active - maybe not posting, but consuming content - while trying to maximize my curation rewards while building a name and reputation for myself. It may not be the best investment short term, and I will definitely leave money in the table by not investing in riskier assets with a bigger upside, but on the other hand, Leo tokens seem like a good investment long term, especially if I plan to be part of this ecosystem for at least a year while I blog about my investment logs.

This is an investment log, but it will not count toward that 10k USD total I plan to turn into 100k.

I'm powering up 3k Leo tokens per month, every month on the 15th to take part in the "Leo power up day" idea, dollar cost averaging my position into Leo - unless I read a big pump incoming, which will make me go full force in with the remaining of my planned investment, which will be 40K Leo.


Perhaps reading this announcement and then the subsequent post about #LPUD made me make this decision, mainly because of how strong and encouraging the overall Leo Finance community feels. This is one the only communities I've stumbled upon where whales actually rally behind community driven initiatives and share their tokens - who would've thought that Delegations in a DPoS could drive so much engagement and rally the whole community behind a concept such as staking.

My posts are not financial advice and only a fool would follow my lead, unless I actually do a 10x which well, the foolish thing would have been not to follow this non-financial advice.

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Hey there! Just dropping by to let you know you were one of the Provide Liquidity Week winners, congratulations!


Here's the transaction ID for the transfer:

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Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for running such a great concept, are there going to be more like this? I noticed the power up day thing, I will definitely be joining that one as well.

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That's a massive Power Up and congratulations as early as now. LeoFinance is certainly great community that motivates us to make goals and like you said, the whales do play their part in driving the community to make it thrive even more.

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