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RE: I did it again! Gave all my VP away! Time to Build it Back Up.

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I'll have to research to be sure, but the curation rewards are half the total HBD value, calculated in HIVE, divided by percentage of the total upvote value and distributed when the post pays out. If you were the only vote, half of that vote would come back as a curation reward. So yes, the higher your vote value (by extension VP), the better the curation reward. has a chart showing HP curation rewards based on upvote value. It's an interesting study to see what sort of curation rewards upvotes will result in and their efficiency.




Hmmm, and I was almost sure of the opposite) Thanks for the help!

Better to not take my word for it, but I'm sure the information is on the chain somewhere. :-)

Thanks, I'll definitely check it out)

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