Things To See and Places To Visit On Matic - PolyCub Launch Tour Guide

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It sure has been a while but PolyCub is finally here! I'm personally happy because I will finally be able to leave BSC for good and move my liquidity over to Matic and for those that are just joining the Matic ecosystem, here is a quick tour guide to get you started.

PolyCub Launch Tour Guide.png

Getting Started

In case you are just getting started with Matic here is a quick way to get you all set up.

First go to Chainlist, connect your wallet and search for "Matic". This will give you an option to add the Matic network to your Metamask automatically.


If you still want to add it manually, select the "Add Network" option in Metmask and enter the following info:

Network Name: Polygon
New RPC URL: or

ChainID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

If your Matic wallet has no Matic in it there are a few ways you can get funds over there.

If you want to move funds directly from Hive, you can purchase some Matic on Tribaldex and withdraw it directly to the Matic network. The price won't be great so it is best to move only a small chunk that can cover a few transactions.

Centralized exchanges also offer direct withdrawals to Matic. Just be sure to select the right network when withdrawing.

If you need a fiat onramp, MoonPay should be a good place to start.


If you need to move larger chunks of cash over to Matic then bridging is always the best way to do it. Here are a few popular and reliable ones:


HOP Exchange


All of them should be very straightforward and easy to use. Fees can vary but they should not exceed a few dollars even for larger sums. I'm also sure that the Leo Bridge will be fully operational once PolyCub launches as well.

Exchanges and Farms

Polygon has a lot of dexes to offer but one of them is a lot better than the rest. I am talking about Slingshot which is by far the best DEX aggregator I have seen in a while. Not only does it give you the best price every single time but it also pays positive slippage to the trader. If you need a detailed explanation on how it works you can find it here.

I presume that most of your farming will be taking place on PolyCub but in case you start feeling adventurous be sure to check all of the available opportunities using Vfat Tools. And in case you need an alternative exchange, DEX Screener has you covered.

Games and Entertainment

Even though there was a lot of hype around Polygon games they aren't as good as they would want you to think. For those that want to explore the GameFi universe, Dapp Radar has almost all of the info you need.

In case you feel like betting on world events or crypto prices be sure to stop by the Polymarket betting platform. You will surely find something of interest and while the betting process is decentralized the platform will require a Web 2 account along with your Metamask wallet.

Poker players can find a friendly game at any time using Coin Poker. It is not a Polygon exclusive project but Matic deposits and withdraws are instant.

NFT traders are probably aware of this fact but in case you missed the news, Opensea has a market on Polygon as well.

Lastly, Polygon is home to Skyweaver, a trading card game that looks and feels like a true AAA title. You can start with no investment and earn tradable cards through in-game progress.

Understanding Bonding

Bonding has been around for a while in DeFi but if you never had experience with such a mechanism here is a quick rundown.


The image above illustrates the boning mechanism for Klima DAO. In this specific case, you can get discounts for purchasing KLIMA tokens with your LP tokens rather than swapping crypto directly on a DEX. PolyCub will have the same exact mechanism but for PolyCub LPs.

If you purchase PolyCub through bonding you are essentially trading your liquidity position for PolyCub tokens at a discount. The protocol takes ownership of your LP and you get PolyCub tokens in exchange.

I am not sure how long the bonding period will be on PolyCub but other projects usually distribute the tokens over the course of a week or month. To make it completely clear, when you purchase tokens through bonding you get a discount but you don't get the tokens immediately. They are distributed to you over time.

See you all on Polygon soon and happy hunting! This should be a very interesting ride.

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Pure gold, Jerry!

Thanks for sharing!


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Glad I can be of service.

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I'm buying alot of Matic already for future use but I don't think they have lunch polycub

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Thanks for this info. But I will appreciate more help here.

So let’s say I use a centralized exchange to buy matic, all I have to do is withdraw it to metamask using the right network?

I think I’ve got it. Thanks

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Yes mate. Exactly. You can use Binance or any other centralized exchange ;)

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Ah thanks got it

I am able to trade some tokens for matic on bittrex. But not sure how to send from bittrex to where it needs to be to join the pool tomorrow. It seems I have set up matic in my metamask so would I send from bittrex to my metamask matic address? If so, is bittrex a decent way to do it? I just have some funds there.

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Not 100% sure how it all looks like on Bittrex but you should have a withdrawal option that looks something like this.


Your Matic address will always be the same as your ETH address. It's just the network that changes.

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thanks. the problem with bittrex matic is that it is erc20 and goes to that wallet. Then within metamask you have to bridge it to matic and that costs a lot. Im not gonna do that on day 1. I'll wait to see what happens. I got a little matic on tribal dex and moved it over to play with. Like 40 matic

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Well, that sucks... If you can use Huobi or Kucoin they both have direct withdrawals to matic. I think even Binance has that option.

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I havent messed with those and binance is restricted where I am and I'm scared of the vpn. I need to keep it all simple or I will make mistakes. I will inch my way along and hope this is sustainable. I'm wondering if I can just wrap some leo and stake that without having to do all the pools. Like a kingdom

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Freaking awesome Jerry! Everyone on Hive should have a look at this.

Btw I am a huge fan of Skyweaver. What a game they are creating. I actually liked playing it as compared to other boring trading card games.

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Cheers mate. Doing my best to keep everyone in the loop and yeah, Skyweaver is actually a fund and well-thought-out game.

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I also think that polygon is much better than bsc in many ways.

But one question, what other wallet like metamask can I use? since it was recently temporarily blocked from venezuela and I am afraid of losing my funds, what other secure wallet like metamask is available?

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If you are out of options try using Rabby.

@roleerob has a great guide for it.

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I'm really glad I'm following you. lol LOTS of great information here. I've always found it easier to click links someone has already done the work on rather than try to figure it all out by myself. :-) Of course, I need to actually trust that person random link clicking.

Thanks for putting this out!

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Just doing my job good sir. Thanks for your follow and trust lol

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This is one of the best posts I saw so far regarding this. Thanks for the step-by-step details.

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Thanks! I should probably consider my tour guide career after we are all done with crypto.

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My boy! Crazy amount of useful shit in one single post.

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Sharing is caring my dude. Thanks for stopping by.

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Even though I still can't digest it in its entirety, this is really information that will be very helpful in the future.

It takes more time for me to understand and try step by step, thanks for the post.

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I have a few useful guides in my post history that would probably be helpful. If you need anything try going through those.

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Sure will give it a look at those guides in the near future.

Wow I didn't realize there were tools that simplified the adding of the blockchain easier. Does Chainlist have all the other EVM chains as well?

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I actually found out about it on LeoFinance but can't remember who shared it. It doesn't have all of them but the most popular ones should all be there.

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