Time to focus.

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Over the last few weeks, I've been dabling in a fair bit.

  • Learning Ethereum and the ins and outs of Liquidity Pools and all that.

  • Joining the WHIVE pools, which I have subsequently left for now.

  • Finding Balancer and the alternative LP options it provides. Adding funds there, and eventually removing them to prioritize other things.

  • I had a brief go at farming Sushi - for a bit (1 1/2 days). That was interesting, but something I haven't posted about yet.

  • Thorchain has launched its Chaosnet, and I've managed to get some assets added to those pools, despite there only being very brief windows where deposits.

  • I've bought more LEO, whenever I could.

  • I've bought extra ETH and BNB with fiat.

  • I've payed lots in GAS. Luckily the gains I made from the little sushi play basically covered all the GAS costs.

  • Set up a pooling option for smaller LEO holders and those not comfortable with ETH to participate in WLEO. See this post for more info.

  • Created many more posts than I have for a while.

Whew, it's been a busy 2 weeks.

But now it's time to focus on what is most important, to "plant my flag" as @theycallmedan would say and go 100% at a couple of things instead of trying to do everything.

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So here are my major positions that will be my focus from now.

Keep building my base on HIVE.

  • HIVE is still my digital and Blockchain home. It's where I'm most comfortable, and I know my way around reasonably well to be able to - hopefully - add value and build my income flows.

  • LeoFinance - my primary outlet and community on HIVE.

  • Keep playing DCity and Splinterlands, and try out other games as they appear. I'm getting into Cryptobrewmaster and will see what else I have time for.


  • This will be a top priority for me moving forward. Initially joining the initial WLEO/ETH pool.

  • Also planning on getting involved as much as possible in subsequent options and being front and center any time other options to spread the WLEO further out into cryptoland happen.

  • I firmly believe that a successful launch of WLEO will give a huge boost to the LeoFinance community, and benefit HIVE overall. I really like the approach from the team, and see it as being a much different way to promote HIVE than what has been tried before. All the outreach attempts I've seen have been trying to bring people to HIVE. The WLEO approach is trying to take HIVE to where the people are.


  • My other priority will be to build my RUNE position and keep adding to the LP's on that platform.

  • Already, their interface Bepswap is much easier to use than Uniswap, a better UX, and so much cheaper in fees.

  • It's early days for the live product, and they are slowly scaling things up, and ensuring the system is safe and secure at each step of the process.

  • The multi-chain options should be launching this year.

  • Their tokenomics are designed such that the RUNE token should hold a value that directly correlates to the amount of staked assets in the LP's. This will mean that once it is fully operational, an inflow of funds should drive the RUNE value up.

  • I like the transparency the team show (despite being a semi-anonymous dev team) All treasury reports, regular dev updates are published regularly and transparently. Even to the point the produced a significant risk assesment report not long before opening the LP's up, to warn people of all potential risks of participating.

  • Before the end of this year, the ability to add an ERC20 token into a pool with RUNE (and thus enable cross chain trading) will mean that WLEO can be added to the Thorchain platform. This is something I will prioritize very highly. I strongly believe the two projects would be a good match, and that having WLEO as an option on Thorchain would be a great thing.

  • You can see more of my thoughts in my most recent post. Also in that post is a link to twitter responses I received from the Thorchain team, confirming that ETH support should be available before christmas.

So there you have it, my priorities moving forward.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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