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RE: US Government printed more money in 30 days than over 200 years

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I need to get back into the $10 Tuesday routine. Buying $10 of Bitcoin (or more) every Tuesday using the local BTC ATM. You know doing a little bit to keep that ATM... despite the damn fees.

They just keep printing that money to keep things afloat... How long will that last?? How much debt can you incur before you are bankrupt??? I guess the US will show us in due time. Lol.


You are correct, we all need to keep acquiring BTC (And Hive!) because this will not end well for average people. Printing or actually issuing debt notes at unsustainable level has never proven to be successful. One thing this time is a little different, with the federal reserve in the US buying corp debt, ETF and equidities in companies, they may become the largest "holding company" the world has know. And many of the companies are not US. Could this be a hostile takeover?

I started using some of the crypto investing platforms about a year ago. So I am earning 4% on one and 6.5% on another. The interest is paid weekly in BTC, so this is like dollar cost averaging in.

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