Bitcoin comes at you fast

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These articles in CNN are 3 days apart

You buy bitcoin, then before you know it, you're in a bear market.

Fast forward 3 days, and you are out of the bear market getting ready to push back towards new all time highs.

Bitcoin sure comes at you fast!

These two articles were 3 days apart from CNN:




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Perhaps CNN should be a little more thoughtful before they publish anything from here on out.

Technically dropping by 20% puts something in a bear market, but that is a traditional market, like the stock market.

Bitcoin has shown us that it is not a traditional market.

Maybe a 40% drop should be the definition of bitcoin being a bear market.

After all it has crashed more than 80% on several occasions and live to tell about it.

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Notice the subtle negative bias - the first article title is in depth, with specifics, suggesting it should be taken seriously.

The second dismissive, throwaway, colloquial.

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Mainstream press is the last entity you should give any credence to when it comes to crypto.

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