Bitcoin now the 14th largest currency in the world

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In terms of market value, Bitcoin is now the 14th largest currency in the world

It wasn't long ago that bitcoin wasn't even on the radar of global currencies, now it's quickly climbing the list

Today, bitcoin passed the Russian Ruble to become the 14th largest currency in the world.




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Next up? The Swiss Franc.

The irony there is that Steven Mnuchin said a while back that they won't ever let bitcoin become the equivalent of the swiss numbered bank accounts.

Now bitcoin is going to pass the swiss franc.

While we are on the irony road, it was also ironic that Mnuchin said that he won't be talking about bitcoin 5 years from now as the treasury secretary.

He was very right!

He's not longer the treasury secretary so he can't be talking about it as the treasury secretary. :)

That's what tends to happen, bitcoin outlasts the haters.

It also passed Facebook in terms of total market cap today, eventually only AAPL will be above it in terms of market cap.

Then from there we are going to pass every company and eventually gold, which is about $12 trillion currently, may take some time to get that one though.

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We are also among the top 10 most capitalized assets

Just passed Facebook, nice.


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