BlackRock says Bitcoin is a better gold than Gold

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Well there you have it!

Bitcoin is a better gold than gold.

This isn't something I didn't already know but many out there still have failed to grasp this.

The CIO at BlackRock was on CNBC this morning talking about exactly that.

He says flat out, bitcoin is simply a better store of value is more functional as gold than gold:



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Gold certainly has a place and that is evidenced by the fact it recently made a new all time high.

However, if I had cash to invest and I had to choose between gold and bitcoin I would certainly choose bitcoin.

I think bitcoin is going to go up at the expense of gold.

They may both go up, but bitcoin is pulling investment that would have gone into gold if bitcoin didn't exist.

Sorry gold, but bitcoin is the fastest horse in this race.

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I think bitcoin is going to go up at the expense of gold.

I agree with you about that, I hope people don't get too wrecked with Bitcoin. The masses will buy when it's overpriced and hate it again. I still would rather have gold but that's just me!

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It was about time to happen. Bull market, right?

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I agree!

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I believe if I have $100, I would invest equally in Bitcoin and Gold. Both have limited supply as compared to the dollar.

The central banks are running a money printing press.

Further, gold have been a store of value for centuries. Even central banks are buying gold as they know it's an honest currency.

I will not be surprised if central banks buy some Bitcoin as well...;)

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