I think the market is telling us we may have a problem

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Everything is up significantly today, yet HIVE is flat yet again

Over the last several weeks we have seen a miniature altseason of sorts.

Many coins in the Top 100 have done very well.

HIVE has not.

This is the picture of today's action:


(Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/)

I am not ready to hit the panic button just yet, but this is the market telling us something.

It's telling us that the market doesn't really value whatever it is that HIVE has to offer.

My advice is to listen to this advice.

We should be trying to build things that people actually want and are going to use instead of trying to tell them what they want.

Defi seems to be what people want yet we continue to ignore that.

HIVE has all the right ingredients to be an extremely valuable project but we are not realizing that potential and if we get left out of this next bull run it will be that much harder to ever realize that potential.

The time to strike is now.

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