This is $1.6 Billion worth of Gold VS $1.6 Billion in BTC

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Which one do you think is the better form of money?

Which one of these makes more sense in the digital age?

There was a time when gold made sense as a form of money, but that time has come and passed.

We are now in a digital age and which one of these do you think makes more sense as a form of money and store of value going forward?



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I'm not sure about you, but the answer seems pretty clear to me.

Can you imagine trying to move or use that $1.6 billion in gold?!

Not to mention the security you would not for it.

Gold is old, bitcoin's time has come.

You can hold some of the shiny metal for sentimental reasons but from purely an investing standpoint going forward, bitcoin is the better choice and it's really not even close.

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I think the problem most people have is wrapping their head around the concept of digital immutability, which is the "intrinsic value" of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as NFTs. But eventually crypto will be as commonplace as electricity, the internet, and smartphones.

Yep, agreed. I am not sure about all the thousands of other coins out there, but bitcoin for sure. Probably ethereum as well. Hopefully LEO too.

it's not even close.

So true !

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Investing in gold instead of BTC today is the same as investing in horseshoes instead of Tesla stocks.

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Haha yes. I have friends that are excited telling me about their 20% gain in silver and gold this year, and I tell em yea, I've made over 100% in bitcoin this year, and it was the best performing asset last year as well.

Pretty cool!

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You're right in that comparably digital gold would be better. My only issue is you say it's bitcoin? I think the problem with this approach will always be that many cryptocurrencies can do this over the blockchain. So which will become the most efficient. Whereas i see some disadvantages with bitcoin.

Some argue bitcoin was meant to be digital currency not a store of value. So right there that leaves room for can a digital gold be done better from inception with less waste perhaps more security at some point in the future. Perhaps.. i don't know and because many dont they i think will remain skiddish. Whereas gold has put in its time. Nothing catastrophic has happened atleast not at one period of time. So a future with several competing bitcoin like networks.. can raise some concerns.

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I think the last 12 years have shown bitcoin isn't going anywhere. It's digital gold and not going to be replaced. Something may work better as a transnational currency or a fabric layer, but not as digital gold.