Adapting To Diverse Trend & Dynamics Of Change That Comes with Creating, Adding & Monetising Value

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Back in the days coperate entities, private businesses and even sole propietors produce or offer products and finished goods without considering or making enquiry or research about what the end consumer wants or would want or even aim at providing the need of a target audience and hence this creates a kind of waste in effort, raw materials, money and utility. But moving forward, concepts like marketing research has solved these issues.

Its possible to understand the need of a particular people in a geographical setting simply by understanding their consumer habits and even their spending culture, their spending history and what will still obviously sell despite the cost. The inelasticity of demand and how to take advantage of this.

In reality, in the world everyone is a provider as well as a target audience, everyone has a need and everyone can provide a need. It's this ability to see a need to provide value that makes marketing research to be very potent. If you look at the internet now, trends are what is pulling weight and waves and the recognition of this trend is what makes you understand what people truly want. The internet has made everything easier.

Once upon a time wastefulness was a trend, no one understands how to satisfy an audience even if they had a lucrative venture to sell. The scope and methodology to sell it will always be in contention. People have different definitions of satisfaction and only studying patterns and behaviours let's you see and recognise this.

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Back when I started blogging in 2017, steem then was a platform and I couldn't really build any following because of my type of content. Now its not as if there are people who don't like or appreciate the content I use to bring but I just couldn't reach them at a particular point in time. Hence I was building and losing audience, I was putting in wasted audience and the content condition of the atmosphere spelt "blog about crypto and become a millionaire". So there was no solution, the trend then was Crypto blogging, lifestlyle and food or poetry wasn't the hot cake.

Even in real-time, there are times an organization or company would produce something different just to stay relevant and sustain recognition and a mainstay in a market that has suddenly become trendy. this is because trend producing is lucrative even if sometimes it takes you off your core product concept.

As time went on, you could see that with time this was rather different on hive, there was a time that art and NFTs were the big bangs, as an artist you could rake in a lot of rewards you could see non-artists creating art contents doing it out of the blue just to enjoy what was being dished out, it changed when the bull market came with bitcoin and there's always this cycle of change and dynamics and this somewhat proves to you that the internet makes it easy for you to understand the real-time financial and economic behaviour of people.

When you look at the blockchain, it has changed, but the base core still remains. We have the rise of the second layer tokens and the superfluous activities of the communities, the twitter advertising which wasn't possible in the past and multiple video uploading platforms.

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Being able to successfully blend to the change in dynamics and still offer a lot of value as a creator means you're going to stay relevant. Many people find it difficult to adapt to the will of change which is obviously inevitable. They are pegged in their abilities to create wealth by adding a sole value which may be redundant or extinct with time. Very soon, skills like carpentry will be extinct does this means the people who were once carpenters can't hone different skills to survive? It's imperative that we understand the economics of adding or bringing value.

Everyday should be a learning scope with which improvement should come to what we can previously offer or bring to the table. It's imperative to understand this; to blend or adapt to the various diversity of the human wants and needs that takes shape, one needs to accept to improve and this is the most focal point.

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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian student who is a Vlogger, A Psychologist, Poet And Sports Writer/Analyst. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off hive can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

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It's as if you knew my mind when you dropped this post because I just resolved that I would also get involved which crypto blogging because that seems to be the trend at the moment and people always wants to know the right places to put their money.

It's interesting to see how far our world have evolved and nobody is interested in wastage of any resources at the moment

Anyone that can provide value will surely get huge reward for it and that is why everyone needs to learn what it takes to provide those valuable contents

The possibility on this blockchain
is so vast, one day really close
you can see you are leading a group
from your home soil, having their own token
on this blockchain, your own second layer community
informing the world.
It may not be easy to start but the thought
process is there.
I am pretty sure you think of it every day.
Diversity to the fullest.


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