My Financial Standpoint To The Concept Of Smart & Hardwork

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The internet is beginning to redefine the concept of hardwork. In this video I talked about the almost invincible disparity between hardwork and smart work and how there's the illusion that one might be better than the other. In this video I made some real-time analysis in relativity to this issue and how I feel that many people might just be utilizing or making meaning to them wrongly

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I have to agree that hard work is changing with the digital world and I think knowledge is playing a larger part in this process. As more and more software is developed, some parts of the system are no longer as important, and having a way to get things done faster is a better option. At the same time, investing is now a very good option as the information is available to everyone. So all they need to do is put in the work and pick what they believe in.

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I have to agree that hard work is changing with the digital world

It's changing because we cannot totally associate hardwork with low returns while we do the opposite for smart work. I think time and the internet is changing this notion and I believe hardwork is subjective, we can have a different definition of what it means.

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Although in both cases, there's still that element of luck!

Yes, very true @lordtimoty. Look plays a huge role in success. Excellent point

Working smart is also hard work. Because, you research on information that gives you more money. Also working smart, is very mental and mental activities are more tasking than physical activities.

Yeah, hard work is determination and consistency. Excellent point made there.

Great vlog, I really enjoyed listening to it.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to watch it. Exactly, mental activities are hardwork, a lot of people don't pay even know. Not having that mental strength is why so many people fail in business. So hardwork and smart work. I don't think there's any disparity

Wow , what a nice video. I really learnt a lot from this video . Keep it up bro

You could highlight what you've learnt, but thanks for making the effort.

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