Translational Value; What Is Your Worth?

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We hold value to people according to their relevance and sometimes it becomes a default undoing to let them off when they no longer hold this value. This is inborn and can only be truncated by the values of selflessness we tend to inculcate in life. In this video, I talked about how we should see timeless value to people especially because they've been there in their hay days for us rather than toss them away, here. I talked about how value can be temporal but holding timeless value on people should be a habit we in inculcate. When we're building businesses, it's important to see essence even when external or momentary value is lost especially because of old-time sake.

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Is it just me or I hear rhymes..

It takes a lot not to be transactional in all honesty and this is why one should try to be valuable to ourselves.

I also think the focus should be on ourselves than on people..

In all, you have made so much sense

Well, I guess I wanted to say that, the times people have been there for us should count especially when they're no longer as valuable as we deem them as tides turn and time changes.
Well, rhyme? Ahh it must have been coincidental lol. Thanks for coming through.

It is vital to frequently check and update our relationship circle those of meaning impact not necessarily financial show be brought closer, the parasitic ones with noting meaningful other than being vampires should be kept at bay.

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You're right, sometimes I feel like we need to be more conscious in defining our relationship, values like loyalty and commitment are great and important for relationships to thrive and reevaluating them also will help us a great deal.

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