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RE: Bitshares - BEOS/Rainfall Manna/Skyfall

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I literally was looking up yesterday how to get my BTS out of the BEOs chain back to BTS to maybe sell them because of the recent pump.

I use EOS voter and looks easy to do actually, havent tried it as yet, but will one day. A year of staking is already surely something


Ahh, nice :)

Well this is the biggest spike in a while and I'm wondering if they could fall back next week - though my trading history tells me they will moon!

A year of staking is already surely something

Let's hope so, although I'm not sure where BEOS and Manna can be traded....

the surely will fall back for the short term...see it as..checking how to pack my bags whem the move needs to made...checking how it is made.

i dont know how it will end up with the beos and manna situation as well. initially I thought they would be used in voice as like post promoters...but voice...i dunno...also the guy who was really working on beos passed ofcourse too early this year.

there are eos dex-es as well i know...maybe they will end up in there as well.

but my intention was not to use this anchor wallet thing you are talking about but doing what @cryptographic says here below-> just send them back to the bitshareswallet

Do you know if BEOS / Manna are listed anywhere at present?

The Anchor wallet was my connection to the BEOS chain, I could have moved them to I think, but went for the account I created when moving them to the BEOS chain in the first place which was


Sorry, just saw you'd replied to someone else with the link.

Looks quite promising for BEOS at present!

I could have moved them to I think,

I think you have to go through

Right, I picked the right one then :)

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