Announcing: RialNFTs from GREECE and beyond

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The crypto world is full of opportunities.
I hate it when I hear people telling me "Well, it is pure gambling; why bother"?
I can't understand why people have an opinion without making their research first.

Crypto in my opinion is about the tech. This kind of tech is a newborn and it is evolving so quickly .. while giving birth to other, different applications.

NFTs are one of the most recent applications. Non Fungible Tokens provide creators and owners with the opportunity to prove ownership of an asset using blockchain technology. I have been fascinated and I recently discovered that many Greeks are starting to embrace the technology, in various ways. They have started creating new projects and also, supporting and cooperating.

A few days ago, I noticed a new Greek project.

(Opportunities presented at the end of this post :))


I am always happy to see Greece & NFTs together :) The first image I saw was Athens in Greece covered with snow. Not a sight that we admire often :)

And of course, I wanted to know more about this project.


First of all, behind this project is a very talented friend that I know from hive. His name is Marios. @mariosfame
Perhaps you recognize the name, you surely have used some of the amazing graphic work that he did for LeoFinance & Hive.

You can check out some of his previous work here or here

The team is everything. I have seen the work of Marios and I believe that whatever he endeavors, he thinks well first and plans carefully.

His goal is to collaborate with talented artists, photographers, creators and to offer real NFTs.
Not only that, but he plans to 'unite the real world with NFTs' and offer exquisite, unique NFTs. I may know some secrets, but I will not reveal them - I will wait for the official announcements :)
RialNFT is not just a plan. It is real and it is here. It even has a roadmap :)

RialNFT Roadmap



Why should this interest you?


If you plan to acquire some NFTs from Greek teams, you may consider this!
If you are a creator, and you do not want to join 'solo', you can do it through a project which will do all the marketing and promotion for you.
If you are an influencer, if you are seeking to be an ambassador, there are also open positions :)

Please note that this is not financial advice, this post is for informative purposes because I always aim to share any important

Official links of the RialNFT

These and only there are our official Links 🔶

🔸Website (underconstruction) :

🔸OpenSea :

🔸Instagram :

🔸Twitter :

🔸Linkedin :

🔸Reddit :

🔸Telegram :

🔸Facebook :

As this project moves forward I will be sharing more information, and I may consider more NFT updates in the future. Trust me, it is not hype. it is RIAL!

Thoughts? Feedback?
Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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Well, you can’t really blame a lot of people for thinking crypto is gambling, it is so easy to believe it’s so when looking from the outside. If most people could access the tech side, then maybe the orientation will be different. But not a lot of people are techy.

Yep I know marios from here, oh nice looking project, looking forward to the intro post. I’ll like to know why he’s not minting on Hive though.

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I discussed a little bit with him and I know that he plans to do it, but I believe he will do it in a unique way. Perhaps some extra perks for us hiveians? We will see 😊🙏
Thanks for commenting, have some !BEER 👍

Oh that will be nice.

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Hey @mistakili, here is a little bit of BEER from @katerinaramm for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey!Good point about not minting in Hive.
Rialnft is a multichain project.We started with OpenSea in ETH and MATIC which is by far the easiest and most popular way to mint atm.
Another perk in OpenSea is the embed code you get for your website which we need,
As @katerinaramm mentioned minting in HIVE is in our plans.And its gonna happen soon.We are currently thinking the utility perk for hive.I want something special for HIVE and LEO since it was a crypto-school for me and since i have a lot of people i respect here!

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This sounds like it’ll bang, I hope all your plans work out.

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we ll see my friend. It depends on the consistency and how much people will enjoy it.

As usual you always share useful and good posts, my friend.

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Your post is good

"Website (underconstruction) :"

Server not found.
Small (but important) spelling mistake there, me seems.

there are no small mistakes,just mistakes :)