From Waves to Wilderness

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I traveled a long distance today.
Hundreds of kilometers, with a specific goal to accomplish.

I cannot say much for my goal, or for my travel.
But I am happy to show you some of my photos of today.

And I will start with what impressed me the more.

A ship ashore.

I stopped at a stop, next to a road curve. And I decided to walk just a little bit, to take some shots of the moon and the mountains.

But guess what I saw a few meters away.


A ship surrounded by such a vivid sunset, that hid its rust.

I moved closer


This is how it looked like


I wanted to shoot more details, but I had run out of time


The moon is about to become full in a few days.






Let me show you now some images from the route.




This was part of my view shot from a car.


I hope that I could take better shots.
The sky was pink, the moon was lovely and all I wanted to do, was to go outside and just walk and walk ..

I hope that you enjoyed this route with me!

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Loved the abandoned ship but quite frankly it didnt loose its paint and its rust wasn't quite visible too.

The ship keep moving closer. Nice view though

Even though you can’t tell much about your traveling, it is obvious that you enjoyed it
I could tell from the photos

pleasant trips. It's nice to share these photos with us.

Beautiful view captured dear sir