For Transparency, RE: Antivax Token

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Some of you may have seen me post about the newly released $ANTIVAX token over the last few weeks. Well, I've got to share where I'm at now.

I was super excited to find (especially on launch day, and for so cheap), a coin that claimed to be dedicated to the movement, with a nice site, and an awesome conversation in the Telegram group.

Unfortunately, I jumped the gun quite a bit and promoted the hell out of it, and was active in their public and background telegrams for weeks (probably invested close to 200 hours)... before realizing that the guy behind it has no experience in crypto, that his "crypto billionaire" supporters are clearly not real, and that they aren't really about the movement or the community.

After watching them donate $100 each to people harmed by the jabs/jab mandates, then paying $5000 TWICE for fake influencers (almost a third time, until he shared the conversation and a few of us told him it was OBVIOUSLY fake), I knew I'd been bamboozled.

I don't think it's a "scam" per se... as they would have been marketing and shilling it like crazy to get lots of money... it's just not a solid project, or a solid team.

I'm leaving my investment in until April 20th (when the LP unlocks and I can get most of my coins anyway), but I've completely removed myself from the project, their groups, etc.

On the plus side, for those who like to speculate, it's now at a $57k market cap, lol.


Fuck it, we live and we learn Kenny.

We may make something out of this, what do you think? 57k market cap lookin good though still.

Take care man, and thank you for all that you do. No matter what they say about you on here, you have my support.

@kennyskitchen, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
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Dodgy, but that is pretty std for cryptos! Play the crypto game with skeptism and great caution...

Hi Kenny. Please share your story in the comments section. Much appreciated and hope this reaches you well. -Dan "World Travel Pro"