Three ways Splinterlands DEC can maximize your SPS airdrop

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No doubt, the Splinterlands SPS airdrop has hit HIVE like a hurricane. It is just so nice to have an accessible method of earning passive income from playing such an addicting Game (yes, speaking from experience here). Plus there are so many ways to maximize SPS tokens realized from the airdrop:

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By now, we all should be aware of the significance of the Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) within the Splinterlands ecosystem. So, for all those hard earned battle DEC you've accumulated, its time to put them to work. By using your available DEC tokens (or acquired DEC tokens from sales) you can increase the daily number of SPS received in the airdrop without losing control over one single DEC. In this subsection of the What is Splinterlands DEC? - Splinterlands (DEC) Guide let's investigate three available strategies you can employ to maximize the number of SPS tokens dropped to you daily.


Tell me now, why are you holding DEC tokens earning you 1x points per DEC when you have an easy way to earn 2x points per DEC? That's right, there is a way for you to earn 2x the points per DEC token for the airdrop by simply pairing your DEC with another crypto asset, acquiring some LP tokens. and staking those LP tokens in a Liquidity Pool (where, by the way, you can earn extra passive rewards as well).

There are several Liquidity Pools for you to choose from. These are:

Detailed instructions for participation in each of these Liquidity Pools have been provided in a different sub-section of this Guide and can be accessed by clicking: Using Splinterlands DEC on DeFi platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Go and double the impact of your DEC token stash as relates to SPS airdrop points earned by joining one of these Liquidity Pools. Just remember, to insure your receipt of this double benefit, the external wallet holding your LP tokens MUST be linked to the Splinterlands Game. You may accomplish this task by adding your external wallet address on the SPS Menu page within the Splinterlands Game:

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That's right, basically here you are being told to do nothing more than keep on earning DEC by battles, etc. and simply hold it. Of course, the recommended course is to participate in Liquidity Pools, but clearly that course of action is not palatable to all airdrop participants.

Telling you to hodl your DEC tokens is another way of telling you what not to do with them:

  1. When looking at the list of airdrop points, one might think it beneficial to go out and spend DEC buying readily available Untamed Booster Packs or Azmare Dice Boosters. In fact, doing this actually reduces your Total Airdrop Points. A decently priced Untamed Booster Pack sells for around $35.89/pack. If you wanted to pay for this pack using DEC you would have to shell out approximately 4,728 DEC tokens (pricing DEC at 0.00759). But the Untamed Booster Pack only earns you 600 weighted airdrop points. Remembering that DEC Token to Airdrop Point ratio is 1:1, by spending your DEC on the Untamed Booster Pack, you lost 4,128 airdrop points.
  2. The same holds true for Azmare Dice Boosters. A decently priced Dice Booster sells for around $35.76/Booster. Paying for it with DEC would cost you around 4,711 DEC tokens. The Azmare Dice Booster earns you 900 weighted airdrop points meaning if you paid for it with DEC you would lose 3,811 airdrop points.
  3. Using the same reasoning but not running the numbers, the same loss result occurs with the purchasing of skins using DEC.
  4. Looking at the airdrop points list, Land Plots sure look like a tempting buy each yielding you a hefty 10,000 airdrop points. However, if you can find one, a reasonably priced Land Plot will cost in the neighborhood of $463. or 61,001 DEC tokens. So if you buy a Land Plot using DEC, you will lose a whopping 51,001 airdrop points.

These four examples show that by not spending your DEC tokens on Game related items, you are maximizing their airdrop potential over the life of the airdrop. (Note, this does not take into account if the pack was purchased to be opened for collection points [also 1:1] and you got extremely lucky and pulled a high valued card. Likewise, it does not take into account the purchase of packs for long term price appreciation).


Splinterlands cards have significantly increased in value over the past year. So maybe its time for you to do some cleaning out of your collection by selling some cards for DEC. But now, you may ask, how does my selling cards maximize my airdrop point potential?

The answer to this question lies in the value difference between Collection Power for purposes of the airdrop and the DEC market price realized on the sale. This will become much clearer by using an example of an actual Game card.

Let's say you own a nice basic card such as Frost Lion:
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Now by retaining this card in the playing deck, you are earning a mere 10 airdrop points (the DEC burn price listed is the price floor for the card and is the amount utilized to calculate Collection Power for airdrop points on a 1:1 basis). However, if you were to sell your Frost Lion for DEC in the sum of $0.37, (for purposes of illustration we'll use the soft peg DEC price of $0.001) you would add 370 DEC to your wallet and a gain of 360 airdrop points to your total.

By selling some of your cards for DEC, as shown above, you are significantly increasing the airdrop points available by way of the increased holding of DEC tokens, in turn maximizing the amount of airdropped SPS to your wallet.


In this subsection, three methods of using DEC have been presented to help you maximize the amount of daily SPS airdropped. This list herein presented is not an exhaustive one. As well, the three methods set forth are not mutually exclusive - you may choose one, two or all three of these methods to employ so as to maximize your airdrop rate of SPS tokens. Good luck!

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Very nice to suggest people to add Liquidity at DeFi (I didn't know about that x4! Tempting indeed) but I think you should also state at least one single warning on Impermanent Loss... so if the price of $DEC continues to rise, then people would loss on that uptrend potentially more than the earnings from that x4.

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I have purchased all skin sets(except legendary that was already sold out) to maximize my airdrop points apart from keeping good stash of DEC. (curated by r1s2g3)
Your post has been manually curated by @monster-curator Team!

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DEC-BUSD Farm on Cub Finance. (Highly recommended as you earn CUB Tokens by participating)

The risk with this is the impermanent loss of your DEC. I have been in this pool since before SPS and, due to the massive price rise I have lots hundreds of thousands of DEC. I have a load more BUSD of course but I'd rather have the DEC. The 2 for 1 airdrop points have no where near compensated for the loss of DEC. I would have gotten way more points if I'd hodl'd.

Maybe the CUB earned makes up for the financial loss, I haven't done the figures, but, given the poor performance of CUB I doubt it has. I consider getting into this farm to be one of the worst crypto choices I've made.

However, there may come a time, when all the SPS has been airdropped and it has settled down, I might be grateful for the BUSD. But by then the DEC price will probably have dropped and so I'll have less BUSD. 😂

By selling some of your cards for DEC, as shown above, you are significantly increasing the airdrop points available by way of the increased holding of DEC tokens, in turn maximizing the amount of airdropped SPS to your wallet.

I've considered this but don't feel confident about making the right choices. Knowing my luck I'll probably end up selling the exact card that becomes hugely valuable in the future. 😂

I think it's fair to say my talents lie in hold'g not trading. 😁

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Yes impermanent loss is possible - but I believe that if you do run the numbers you did not suffer financial loss (or if you did it was negligible). As for the loss of DEC, you have to chalk that up to risk. If DEC retained peg, we would not be having this conversation. But it did not and I am sorry for your loss of DEC.

With respect to selling cards, any sale is a future crap-shoot. No one has a crystal ball and the way I look at it is to do what is best for the moment.

Good luck to you!

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As for the loss of DEC, you have to chalk that up to risk.

Yeah. It's a good example of "you never know" in this space. SPS wasn't around when I entered the pool and since DEC was relatively stable at the time I thought I was pretty "safe" with a stable:stable coin. At the time I didn't mind if I got more DEC or more BUSD. That only changed because of the airdrop.

I believe that if you do run the numbers you did not suffer financial loss

That's nice to hear. I think the biggest gain for me though has been the education into how liquidity pools work. I read a lot about it but nothing beats the actual experience of being involved in one.

With respect to selling cards, any sale is a future crap-shoot.

Yep. After writing my comment I remembered that what I'm really after long term is passive income, so hod'ling makes more sense than trading for purely capital gain. 😊

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As a newbie i had no idea what 90% of these things mean. But my only issue is, why are you not using Brave Browser :x. Lol great post all the same, would check out the farms.