LEO Roundtable #25: PayPal Adopting BTC, WLEO Updates and the Why Behind LeoFinance

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LEO Roundtable 25 PayPal Adopting BTC, WLEO Updates and the Why Behind LeoFinance.png

On the 25th episode of the LEO Roundtable podcast, we talked about PayPal, Bitcoin, mass adoption and a bunch of LeoFinance topics.

In this episode, we covered a lot of ground, especially related to Wrapped LEO and how we're moving forward. This morning, the WLEO whitepaper was published by the @leofinance account which outlined the major details behind the attack and included a model for the relaunch of WLEO.

  • PayPal and what their "BTC adoption" really means
  • The why behind LeoFinance
  • Our mission now and in the future
  • WLEO updates and LP distribution plans
  • Why is WLEO important?
  • How will WLEO 2 secure our community from future attacks?
  • How our new onboarding sequence works
  • LeoInfra and the future of onboarding

special shoutout to @mariosfame for the awesome LEO / ETH background image. I stole it and used it for my green screen background 🦁

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all interesting topics this week (is this weekly? time is weird). not sure what to think about paypal, i thought it will be an easy way of buying crypto for me, but from the news, looks like no luck.
you also did a great job with the solution of WLeo thing. Also, announce that there will be more leo in circulation tomorrow, price goes up? only on leo :D
A bug or you are changing something?


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@bil.prag we try to do a round table once every 1-2 wks. Regarding the bug, the site/format is constantly being tweaked, appreciate your attention to details.

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Yep, we're always changing things. That particular issue was actually because I hadn't voted anything recently (the top content is manually curated from my account).

Clearly, I've been slacking the past few days. Will pick up the pace :)

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So much fun to listen to you, guys !

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Thanks Onealfa! We really enjoy these podcasts and they are gaining more and more traction. Not just on Hive/Leo but also outside on YouTube/Apple/Spotify Podcasts. This is our long-term strategy to draw people into the site :)

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Can you please add/update this podcast on Google Podcast?

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What a great roundtable, all my questions were answered. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!

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Thank you! Glad to help

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An interesting and useful topic, I hope that what has been planned for the Leo community will be accomplished well and in accordance with his wishes ... I also hope that Leo and Wleo will become number one in the blockchain world.

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Thanks Kasna! We're just getting started too ;) can't wait for WLEO to relaunch

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

hopefully it will run smoothly and always be successful

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wLEO will rise again from its ashes like the Phoenix bird and will fly higher and higher in the sky.
Great listed reasons for its necessity and will improve the economics IN and OUT of the LEO and HIVE ecosystem at the same time.

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