Navigating Uncertainty: How the Fed's Decision Could Shape Bitcoin's Short-term Future

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In this video, we explore the uncertain short-term upside target for Bitcoin and dive into the current market sentiment. While there's plenty of negativity out there, some of it is actually in favor of Bitcoin and the "Unbank Yourself" movement. With the Fed's decision coming up, we discuss how their actions might impact the crypto market.

Our prediction? The Fed might raise rates slightly and flip their previous statements about not raising rates. If this happens, we could see a positive market reaction, potentially pushing Bitcoin to the 30-40K range.

I haven't sold any Bitcoin but I've put on a small short as a hedge against their holdings. We also delve into the theory that we're currently in a limbo stage and discuss Cat's opinion that the Fed's comments might be more neutral.

Lastly, we touch upon the pressure banks are putting on the Fed to pause rate hikes and how they might benefit from such a decision. Join us as we navigate these uncertain times and offer our insights into the ever-evolving world of crypto!

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The 1 W still looks like another push down is very possible in the next month, $20k best case scenario but we are not even mid year and the FED will keep racing interest, market will get suffocated and will have to take a rest, recent rally was very significative and looks its running out of gas, definitely closer to the bottom than the top

Are you sure they’ll keep raising?

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I dont know the future so cant say its a fact they will but thats how I see it, the 1W still doesnt look good for me and I think they can still keep raising interest until the end of Q2, then things start to slow down toward the end of the year, will never properly learn if I dont make mistakes

We are still hoping so that the price will rise and it will really make sense

Hope for the moon ;)

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My hope for BRC is to go high so that we can benefit so big from jt

BTC to the moon


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Yeah that's true tho, cus it's giving it signs already

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