POLYCUB: Is it a Good Investment? Our Price Predictions for the Airdrop and New DeFi App Launch

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We spent several months designing the rigorous mechanics that drive PolyCUB's short-term and long-term success. What is most important to us is creating an extremely sustainable platform for the future of the DeFi industry.

Yield Optimizers are playing a massively important role in the crypto industry and their role is only going to keep growing as more entrants flood into the space.

In this clip, we talk about how to value POLYCUB and models for predicting a bull and bear case scenario after the new platform launches on the Polygon Network.

How to Value PolyCUB:

  • PoL
  • RFV
  • Speculative Multiplier

Early Adopter Advantage of Staking PolyCUB to xPOLYCUB

  • Early Harvests on external capital

Capturing Early Volatility

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity
  • Management Fees
  • TVL
  • Bonding



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Well it’s an unpredictable market, with all the hype surrounding the polycub, it will be unwise to dump on the market. But even when people do, I hope I have enough money to buy the dip

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we talk about how to value POLYCUB and models for predicting a bull and bear case scenario after the new platform launches on the Polygon Network.

I believe polyCUB is definitely a good investment which will attract many individuals to engage in it because it has a good and positive aim to yield progress and success soon in the blockchain

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Is there an estimated date for the start of the airdrop? I'm accumulating as many CUBs as possible: P

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I don't see a case of falling polycub price at the start too. For that, there must be no demand.

But what I can imagine from what I know, I think people will buy polycub and move it to xpolycub.

Simply because it offers the best returns and everyone is greedy :P

I watched Sunny Aggarwal from OSMOSIS explaining Superfluid Staking yesterday:

It is a cool concept that enables investors to use their crypto for both liquidity pool and staking at the same time. So the investor earns rewards from both. They enable this by locking users' liquidity pool shares for some time. I don't know if it is possible to adapt this concept to Polycub. It would be a major breakthrough.

Yup, Trader Joe also allows this on AVAX, it is a brilliant model that the Yield farmers LOVE. This type of model builds up a lot of hype and gets people in the door early. Are you saying Polycub will have this model too?

It is not the case for the as-is model I suppose. I suggested it be built in the next releases.

Well, even just to hear that it is being considered is great news. I agree that it is a huge breakthrough and allows much more elaborate yield farming.

I remember the first time I went from a centralized liquidity pools on a CEX where your coins are locked, to later trying a DeFi LP, and I received an LP token, and suddenly realized that I could create a 2nd revenue stream with no additional investment...WOW, what a revelation! Then I learned about yield farming, and learned I could turn 1 investment into 3, then 4, and some even 5+ revenue streams.

DeFi is the future, and elements like liquid staking, LP tokens, and yield farming are the building blocks to that future.

PolyCub has the making to become a successful project/investment all things been equal. After taking a look at the model introduced, the yield optimizer and other mechanism put in place, I see every possibility of it living up to expectations. The price prediction also looks very realistic. Till PolyCub launches, I will keep on staking cub and looking to maximize the advantage of an early adopter.

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And boom, Polycub becomes one of the best platforms for farming in the entire DeFi space, because why not.

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Our Price Predictions for the Airdrop and New DeFi App Launch.

Honestly a lot is expected to come with the token once it is finally released,but I still want to believe that this is gonna to be the talk of the community very soon

I heard a lot about POLYCUB but yet to check out more but this weekend I will spend some time on to see what it has and how it can be a profitable thing to go for. Thanks for sharing about it

We’re going to be putting out a lot of content about PolyCUB this week and coming week leading up to the launch ;)

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Nice job and big kudos to Leo team!
Waiting for more information about pCUB.

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This is a great investment on polyCUB and the prediction price as well which I believe it will profits in the Blockchain positively. Good job 👍

I keep hearing about this project..ok, maybe it is time to check it out! Where would be a good place to start for a primer on the basics of thus project? Thanks in advance, cheers.

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Investing on polycub for me is a great investment this year because it will yield positively in the blockchain and kudos to the teams for the massive work dey are doing on the project...

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That's a decent price prediction for PolyCub for a dollar. I foresee the price holding up on atleast within those levels. The mechanism put in place could help the price unlike what we saw during cubs launch. Till then we all wait and see how it all plays out

Is it a Good Investment? Our Price Predictions for the Airdrop and New DeFi App Launch.

With the level of measure put in place so far as regards the token,I sincerely see it as a very good investment ,but fir price predicament I really can't say but I still expect it to march up with the Leo token

I said something from my last comment on about 50% free. I dont think there is prediction for falling of PolyCub at earlier since there is a promise of a contract for user that stake POLYCUB into xPOLYCUB with returned of 50%

The predicted price is too good for the start, just hoping the crisis situation in Ukraine doesn't impact it too much, fingers crossed 🤞

I hope this time I will really be able to join early !!! Really can't wait about it ! !PIZZA
Maybe I'll get some more CUB for the airdrop :')

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POLYCUB sounds interesting from the constant rounds it has been making...
I think it's clear to leave the prediction hanging but on second thought leofinance does what's best.

It's been a solid bet for me from day one! Happy 1 year!!

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Excellent work 👍